August 21, 2015

Laser Galore - 5 technologies in one place

I realised recently that our centre carries the top of range lasers and many clients do not know this. They sometimes compare prices and when they find ours to be somewhat more pricey then others , think that we are more expensive. This is not true. Our lasers are imported and are the gold standards for it's treatment range. Unfortunately though lasers have different wavelenghts to cater for different needs and any 1 laser system can only have 1 wavelenght. This makes it expensive for the client if they have multiple conditions that needs to be treated on their facial skin. For eg : acne scars with melasma and some wrinkles with facial hair.

We thus decided to introduce these lasers to our members and came up with limited time "Unlimited" laser treatments with any lasers for any condition scheme.

The following are the laser types that we have :
1. Duolite by DEKA : a Q-Switch Nd-Yag laser for skin lightening, hyperpigmentations, pore reduction, skin rejuvenation
2. Gentle Yag LAser by Candela : a Long Pulse 1064mm laser that can remove fine veins, reduce hair growth and tighten skin
3. Pixel Laser : a fractional Erbium-Yag laser for light ablation to remove active acne, reduce box acne scars, brighten skin, get rid of acne PIH and even out skin tone
4. Mosaic or Fraxel Laser : a fractional Erbium-Glass laser system that amazingly reduce pores, even large ones and brighten skin.
5. SmartDot2 LAser : a fractional Co2 laser system that is super ablative for skin tightening, reduction of deep acne scars and resurfacaing of dull , weather beaten and photoaged skin.

What do conditions do they treat ?
1.Skin Tightening & Lifting for face, neck, upper arms(bat arms), inner thighs, upper knees and tummy, breasts

2. Scarring -  acne scarring w ice picks and box scars, dark pigmented scars, hypertrophic scars, surgical scars

3. Active Acne - with pustules and papules, comedones, white heads, black heads

4.Skin Brightening & Rejuvenation - dull skin, uneven skin tone, patchy skin

5.Skin Lightening - dark skin tone inner thighs, underarms, Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Lentigenes, Sun Spots, Skin tags, lightening of areolar, lightening of labial skin, tattoo removal, birthmarks

6.Hair Removal - underarms, bikini line, Brazilian, facial hair, legs, forearms moustache, beard area,

7. Vein Removal - spider veins on face, perialaar telangectasia, veins on legs & feet, facial veins

8. Pore Reduction & Skin Refinement - facial pores, large pores, high sebum secretion

9.Stretch marks - arms, thighs, buttocks, hips, tummy

I will go through the different types of lasers 1 by 1 afer this and applying them to the different skin conditions.

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  1. The Duolite is a Q-switch laser for the treatment hyper pigmentation conditions like skin tags, moles, melas a, sun spots, lentigenes, nevus, birthmarks and tattoos. It is efficient , almost painless and has no downtime at all. Myltiple sessions are needed but after 5-8 times most of the lesions are gone!


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