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When life feels good… and then the sweat patches appear...
These are common complaints :

 "I have to apply anti-perspirant several times a day, but sometimes it is still not enough"

"I try to avoid putting my arms up so no one can see my sweat patches. Clothes are not dry for long"

"I try and sit near a window or door to keep cool. Hot drinks and spicy food are out of the question coz they make me sweat"

Excessive sweating - or HYPERHIDROSIS is a common response to heat or anxiety. It is the body's way of cooling off. But some, around 5% of people (that's many millions) sweat excessively causing sweaty armpits, sweaty necks, sweaty palms (Palmar Hydrosis) and even sweaty (and smelly) feet for no apparent reason! 

The condition can dominate one's life, feeling constantly self-conscious and paranoid that others might notice sweat patches under the arms.

 Too much sweat can cause stained shirts, body odors and affect social relationship due to social embarassment and anxiety. Many worry that people might think they are unhygienic, even though they're not. In fact, people with excessive sweating tend to shower a lot more and change their clothes often. It might also affect their self - esteem. 

Even famous people have it.

Back in the days before COVID, I knew people who avoided doing work presentations where they need to write on a white board, because they didn’t want to lift their arms.

 And they dreaded the end of meetings, when they’d have to shake hands with other people. They’d stand there trying to wipe their hands discreetly, so they could get through the encounter without disaster.

 And Excessive sweating is uncomfortable. It's uncomfortable walking around in damp clothing.

 So why does excessive sweating or Hyperhydrosis occur?

The commonest type of Hyperhydrosis is Essential Hyperhydrosis. 

It is just due to overactivity of the nerves that trigger our sweat glands.

The second type of excessive sweating is Secondary Hyperhydrosis.

This is due to a dysfunction of the peripheral nervous system, usually due to medical conditions like Diabetes, Heart Attack, Infections, Low Blood Sugar, Menopausal hot flushes, Thyroid problems, or any nervous system disorders.

Many sufferers think there is no cure, so accept and resign to a lifetime of excessive sweating.

The bottom line is there is no need worry about excessive sweating if you don’t want to.

 There is a solution. 

Solutions for Excessive Sweating :

1. Anthicholinergics (Drugs that block the body's sweat trigger)

2. Prescription Antiperspirant with higher concentration of Aluminium Chloride

3. Botox 

“Botox?! Isn’t it for frown lines and wrinkles ? "

 Nope, not just. Botox has a variety of medical applications, including treating excessive sweating fast.

We can use it to stop excessive sweating under the armpits, under the breast, on the hands, back or legs.

The procedure is simple.

Botox injections are given very shallow, which means the medicine is injected just below the surface of the skin where the sweat glands are.

 Because of this, and because the needles used are so fine, only a small prick is felt on your skin. A  topical anaesthetic can be used too, reducing the needle prick sensation even further.

A starch test is conducted first to delineate the area that's affected. 

Then littel 'dots" are drawn about 1cm apart to indicate the area to be injected. Botox treatment for excessive sweating can be conducted for both underarms and palms of hands (palmar hyperhydrosis)

 The entire experience lasts just 10 minutes and after, it's free to  go on with the day – there is absolutely no down-time.

 Within a couple of weeks, the sweating in the area injected will stop. And the effects will last several months.

4. Laserlipolisis (Smartlipo, CoolLipo, Accusculpt)

Laserlipolisis is FDA approved to treat Hyperhydrosis of the under arms. 

Clinical trials have shown that both tehniques can reduce your sweating by around 60-80% - long-term.

How does Laserlipolisis work?

It takes about 1 hour to conduct. After a starch test to delineate the area with the most sweating, a local anesthetic solution is injected under the skin. This is a process called infiltration. Once the area is infiltrated with enough local anesthetic, we wait for 20-30 min for it to work. Then a fiberoptic handpiece is entered via a needle prick on the skin. The laser light can be seen through as a small red dot. The laser is then run through several times to destruct the sweat glands below the skin.

5. Mira Dry

MiraDry is the first FDA-approved non surgical device for the treatment of Hyperhidrosis.

How does Mira Dry work?

The treatment isn’t difficult, and takes around an hour. It requires numbing the underarm area and then a temporary tattoo is placed in the area, marking exactly where we're going to treat. Then the miraDry handpiece is placed on your skin, and pass it over the area.

The treatment works by heating up and destroying the sweat glands. Once they’re gone, they’re gone - and with them, most of the sweat, the odor and the discomfort is gone too. There's a
 feeling of suction as the skin is pulled closer to the device, but it’s not painful as it's already numbed. The system works with heat, but the device cools the skin simultaneously.

Officially there’s no downtime, but many patients experience swelling, redness and soreness for at least a few days. Although day-to-day activities can continue, some prefer to take a couple of days off to rest.

The reduction in sweating is noticed straight away. For many patients, this is enough to make a dramatic difference to their lives. Others may require prefer a  repeat treatment or two, a few months down the line.

6. Surgery (ETS) 

A surgeon specialising in the technique is required. A branch of the sympathetic nerve that supplies the underarm area is transected.

The bottom line excessive sweating in the underarms or palms do not have to be suffered and sufferers don’t have to worry about excessive sweating if you don’t want to.


Imagine a life where you didn’t have to worry about sweat patches spreading on your clothes….

 Where you could wear what you wanted...

 Move the way you wanted...

 And never have to give sweating a second thought.

 It would be liberating, wouldn’t it?


But actually, it can be a reality – and quickly too.

DrSutina Nordin

Medical Aesthetics Expert . Over 20years experience. Safety first, Resutls a must.

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