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How to trigger a Cascade of Healing in your skin


Have you ever thought about how your body heals itself after a cut?

It’s miraculous, really.

First, your blood clotting system jumps into action, stopping your blood from “leaking” through the wound.

Over the next three days, your body destroys bacteria and removes debris from the wound site, preparing the ground for a new bed of tissue.

In the third phase, your body fills the wound, creating fresh, healthy new skin. This can take anywhere up to 24 days!

Finally, over several months, the new tissue gets stronger and more flexible as your body creates more collagen fibres... until the skin looks as good as new.

Our bodies really are remarkable...

...But what’s even more remarkable is that scientists have found a way to use this natural process to give you a brighter, fresher, smoother complexion!

Microneedling is the process of deliberately creating tiny wounds in your skin, in a safe, controlled way.

This triggers the “Cascade of healing” I just described...

...Massively improving the appearance of pores, acne scars, wrinkles, sagging skin, stretch marks and just plain old dull skin.

It’s one of the most popular treatments in the world because it makes such a visible difference to your skin’s texture.

In fact, for many patients it’s a foundational treatment which they return to again and again, to keep their skin healthy.

Usually a special device called SkinPen is used for the microneedling. SkinPen, which is FDA-approved, looks like a thick pen but there are 14 microneedles at the tip.

Before treatment starts, a light numbing cream is applied onto the skin to keep  patient comfortable.

We then glide the pen over the skin, creating thousands of tiny “microinjuries.”

Although it may sound painful ,  patients are always surprised to discover this isn’t the case at all. It all happens so fast, so really not much is felt.

In fact, some people even find it quite relaxing and therapeutic. I think it’s the rhythm of the device...

One of the reasons we love SkinPen is that we can control the depth of the needles, so we can tailor the treatment to the exact needs of each individual's skin. So it’s very precise.

The treatment itself is quick - between 15 and 30 minutes and it is recommended anywhere from 1-6 treatments to see optimal results, depending on the issues being treated.

 Click here to watch a video of a patient being treated with SkinPen in our clinic

Once you leave the clinic, your face will look quite red, like you’ve got a sunburn, so you might like to spend the rest of the day at home and off-camera. But this should subside within 24 hours.

We’ll send you home with a calming, nourishing serum from SkinPen, which speeds up your recovery and improves your results.

Talking of results... You’ll usually see an improvement in the radiance and health of your skin within a week, so there’s some immediate gratification here!

But it does take time for that “cascade of healing” to play itself out, and for your body to generate new collagen and elastin. So it can take longer to see a difference with deeper skin issues like acne scars, fine lines and hyperpigmentation - as it does with all treatments building your collagen.

When that happens, though, you’ll love the results. Look at the difference that three SkinPen treatments have made to this 26-year-old patient with acne scars:


All the redness is gone after treatment, the scars are dramatically reduced and the skin is so much clearer and smoother.

This is notoriously one of the most difficult conditions to treat and if your cheek is full of bright red marks that you find hard to control, it can be extremely stressful.

You can imagine the relief this patient feels, as his skin works its way back to health...

...And how much more confident she feels, too.*

So if you’re suffering from any kind of skin textural issues, we could make the same difference to you...

...All with the help of your body’s own natural, miraculous healing capabilities! 



*Note - You can’t have this treatment if you have active acne.



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