August 8, 2008


We did our first 2 cases of face thermage today. DrRey did 1 half and I did the other. The first pt did well as almost immediately after her jowls were gone! Our second pt did do as well as she was very sensitive to the heat and she also had quite a bit of skin laxity.


  1. I had my thermage done, finally last week! Quite nervous about the whole thing as many people have said it is soooo painful,Surprisingly it was not too bad,actually! Don't mind doing it again.Now time to wait and see the rsults and changes over the next 4 to 6 months....

  2. Think I'm beginnning to see the effects of my thermage treatment. My brows look as if it's been "botoxed"! And I think my face look smaller. Amazing!

  3. Thermage face treatment is the most exciting thing we have seen at the clinic. The treatment really works- especially for those between age 35yr to45yrs!


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