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Automated Hair Transplantation

Finally, something to write! After returning from Italy after the V2LR training, I became interested in a new technology for Hair Transplantation called the S.A.F.E.R. techniquee using the French made PUNCH Matic machine. Traditionally, hair transplantion is a very time consuming process taking around 6 to 8 hours of tedious and meticulous work. Because of this, many Drs and Surgeons prefer not to conduct this procedure in their practice. Also the old technique gave only 60-80% follicular survival rate and for someone who is losing his/her hair, losing more doner hair can be unacceptable. I began to like the idea of this new technique when I found out that I do not have to cut a few strips of scalp skin from the back of the head to donate the follicle unit(FU). With the SAFER technique I only vacuum individual hair follicle out without cutting the skin. This makes is very much less invasive and less complications. Survival of the follicular unit is also much higher. I also like the idea that we can treat small areas of baldness like the "M" of the temples or just mild thinning of the top of the head. It is also ideal for women with thinning hair.
 The SAFER automated hair transplant technique is especially designed to treat the first stages of male and female diffuse hair loss. Because the machine is efficient in extracting the follicle without damaging it, duration of procedure is cut down to almost half the time. Extraction is painless and done under just local anesthesia. The treated area heal quickly and painlessly with no post op complications and no time away from social activities.
Best of all the hair grows permanently for the rest of our lives ! The hair texture is also healthy and not fine or miniaturised. TRansplant can also be conducted regularly as more hair falls or if more thickness is desired.
Hair Transplant in Kuala LUmpur
Hair Transplant Malaysia
Punch Matic
SAFER hair transplant
Automated Hair Transplantation
Laser Hair Transplant


Dr Sutina said…
Recently Rooney came out in the news about his new hair transplant which cost him €30,000! he did a FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction) technique which is similar to the SAFER method. And it's gonna cost so much less in Malaysia.
Muhammad said…
Dr, how much will it cost in Malaysia..typically?
Anonymous said…
after going through this procedure , how long will we see the result.? and the most important is how much does it cost .?
Salam Doc, Im Nizam, currently into local Motorsport field & an ex-commercial model.

Im 33 yrs old and now persuing my MBA in one of local univ.

Im having hair fall problem since last year.

I would like to become a specimen of your patient (if you require) with minimal cost if possible to do the SAFER technique.

If u feel this sounds great i can be contacted at 0166681490, thanks Doc & stay sweet.
FADYL said…
Dr.. Appreciate if you may quote the approximate price for this particular procedure.. i've been trying so many products which may take a while to have the results.. please appreciate your kind feedback
Dr Sutina said…
Thankyou for the interest in this technique. Yes, it is a most exciting technique. Uptodate we have conducted more cases with grafts upto 500. If you want to know the price, please email me direct at or call our Advance Hair Clinic at 1300-88-1788 for pricing.
Dr Sutina said…
Dear Nizam,please contact me directly on my email so we can discuss farther.
Anonymous said…
can you give me a range of the cost for FUE? what to expect from minimum to highest price?
smita sharma said…
Can they use hair follicules from your back or chest in Hair transplant surgery?
Dr Sutina said…
Yes, hair follicles from other parts of the body like the back and chest can be used to trasnplant onto the scalp area although the outcome cannot be determined and how long the FUs last is uncertain. Our centre has never conducted this , though.
Anonymous said…
Hi Dr.Sutina,

My name is Jega and Im 44 years old. I have thin hair and receding front by side of forehead. As I really dont want to go bald, Im interested in enquiring on the SAFER technique. Besides, I have to really know the approximate cost. If i go thru the procedure today, can I go to work the next day? Please email me at
Thank You...Jega
Dinesh BMO said…
Hi I have one question docter...,
i am just 20 and haven't really lost much hair but you can see it's on the way when you look closer on the scalp.And my question is if I do one of these surgerys now will I still loose hair where I haven't lost it yet?
Like for example let's say i'm supposed to loose overall 50% hair off from my head according to my genetics, but for the moment I've only lost 25% in total and if I would do this surgery now and fix those 25% would I still loose the other 25%? Glad for any answer
Dinesh BMO said…
Hi I have one question docter, i'm 20 and haven't really lost much hair but you can see it's on the way when you look closer on the scalp. And my question is if I do one of these surgerys now will I still loose hair where I haven't lost it yet?Like for example let's say i'm supposed to loose overall 50% hair off from my head according to my genetics, but for the moment I've only lost 25% in total and if I would do this surgery now and fix those 25% would I still loose the other 25%? Glad for any answer
Hair transplantation is bet done when the hairless is stable and this usually happens by the time one reaches 30 years old. Therefore for the young people that already have thinning hair, it bet to have medical treatments done to arrest the loss while strengthening the follicles. There are many medical treatments now available to help. Please call our Enh
I would like to have it done on me. May I know the pricing Pls
Anonymous said…
Hello, I'm Lynn and I am 19 years old. I had started losing my hair ever since I've hit puberty and it is really taking a toll on me. I went to many clinics and no doctor could explain to me about the cause of my problem. I would really love to know what is wrong with me. Is your clinic able to identify my problem? Whether if its hormone related or genetics. Sincerely hope you could help me. Thank you.
Unknown said…
Hi, Doc:

I am 33 years old. Just want to know how much the cost for transplant.

Pls email me :
Unknown said…
Hi, Doc:

I am 33 years old. Just want to know how much the cost for transplant.

Pls email me :
Anonymous said…
Hi Doc, Can't get through your email/contact number.
Can I have the latest email address pls.
Please try or Or you can call my centre at 1300-88-1788 or 03-79601788.
Anastay Minerva said… please pm me the price for transplant
Anastay Minerva said…
may i know the cost for transplant and the risk for failure and the side effect too
Dear Jega, the price for hair transplant depend on technique done. Please call our centre at 1300-88-1788 for details on charges. You will need to take 2 days off to rest after the transplant.
Please write to or or rozai
Dear Irene, our charges depend on method of transplant which depend on type and degree of hairless. It ranges from RM8-15 per follicle
We have now the pleasure of having DrPremila as our hair transplant specialist. Welcome DrPrem!
adi momane said…
Pls Doc if u can email me the price for transplant at
Anonymous said…
Hi Dr Sutina, I have a different problem...I am a guy who want to look macho with a facial hair which I don't have...I only have a mustache and a gottie. So really need some facial hair grow from side burn down to my chin...So is it possible to do facial hair implant at your clinic? I read about facial hair implant using hair from back of head and implant it to the's a clinic in NYC. have you done it?
Raj Nagen said…
Hi doctor.. I'm not from a rich family.. Can I know how much will hair transplant cost.. Really need help..?
sutina nordin said…
Dear Vinbce,
Please call our Hair Clinic at 1300-88-1788 for pricing details.
sutina nordin said…
Dear Anonymous,
Yes facial hair transplant is possible. I do not do it but I have a transplant Dr who does it. He will need to assess you first. So please call our Hair Clinic centre and request an appointment to see hair dr.

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