September 17, 2012

The SIlhouette Soft Suture Face Lift

Recently I attended a training session with Dr Robertto from Spain  where he patiently taught me the techniques for a Soft Lift using the new Silhoutte Soft Suture threads. It was very interesting and exciting and the results were good. Silhouette Soft Sutures are absorbable threads that have been used for awhile to create a non-invasive "no"cut face lift.
With the Silhoutte Soft Lift Sutures, the threads with cones can be inserted under just simple local anesthesia below the skin to cause a mid cheek lift or to lift the cheek  pads that has "dropped". The procedure is a 30 min in clinic procedure that is almost painless and requires no general anesthesia.
Areas can be treated with this technique are lifting of brows, lifting of mid face area, lifting of cheek fat pad that has dropped, lifting of the lower cheek (jowls) along the jawline and creating a better jawline and definition of the face. Once done, patients can walk out of the clinic with barely any visible marks. AS this sutures are also resorbable, there will not be any foreign body objects in the skin after 8-10moinths of insertion.
The Silhoutte Soft Suture Lift is therefore ideal for those men and women with mild to moderate aging and wish to slow down the effects of gravitational aging, do not want anything invasive, do not want a more invasive typoe of suture lifting technique, do not want any downtime or any obvious changes on their faces after the procedure and prefers biodegradable materials inserted.
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  1. Hi Dr.Sunita,

    I am completely appreciated with you, Silhoutte lift is the great way to moderate aging. This is a procedure which takes approximately 30 minutes and one of most advantages it is painless.


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