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Recently, I was browsing through some of my favorite Facebook groups for aesthetic providers and I noticed something alarming.

There was a glut of posts from inexperienced injectors, asking for advice on how to get best results with dermal  fillers.

They weren’t sure whether common situations were normal and were even asking for advice on complications.

For example, one injector was concerned that her patient was experiencing swelling in her lip immediately after her appointment:


She didn’t have enough experience to know whether or not something had gone wrong.

Or take this injector, who wasn’t sure whether the redness in her patient was normal:


The answer is “probably yes”, but a more experienced provider could have achieved much gentler results with a cannula and know if there's something more serious like a blood vessel compression has occured. Also looks like she missed the right injection point a few times, which is not great.


Meanwhile, this lady was going to inject fillers into someone’s face even though she had to go on the Internet to find out where to inject - and how much!


So what can we learn from all of this?

Fillers are one of the most common treatments, used by practically every single clinic to help patients look more youthful.

We use them to ‘plump up’ areas of your face which have lost volume with age or ‘Fill in’ fine lines and wrinkles , and give more definition to some of your features (like your cheeks, lip and jawline).

They’re very safe - in the right hands.

 But there are also thousands and thousands of new and under-qualified injectors out there - people who are inexperienced and essentially experimenting on their clients’ faces, people who have no idea what’s normal and what isn’t - even with basic questions like swelling!

People who have no ability to deal with complications, should they occur. And they do occasionally - it’s always a risk in any medical procedure.

Plus, as I shared in my previous blogpopst about Charlotte in Sex and The City and Just Like That, inexperienced injectors are also more likely to over-fill your face with product, leaving you looking unnatural and puffy.

The problem is, these under-qualified injectors are everywhere and fillers are so common nowadays, that lots of people don’t realize that there’s any risk involved. They assume that “anyone” can inject successfully, because so many providers offer fillers.

Personally, I wouldn’t entrust my face to just anyone. And I hope you feel the same!

So make sure that your injectors are:

-         Well-qualified, with training from a body like AAAM or MAC - and of course medical Drs  with the Ministry of Health LCP (Letter of Credentialing & Priviledging) is a must.

-         Experienced - with several years of injecting behind them. Of course everyone needs to start somewhere, but if they’re just starting out, they should be closely supervised by a senior member of staff. If they have to address their questions to strangers on the Internet, something’s wrong!

-         Have a proven record of natural-looking results, including lots of before-and-afters. You do not want to go to anyone who treats all faces the same way; they need to be able to personalize your treatment

-         Working in a reputable clinic with a safe environment, not working from home or in a beauty salon

-         Provide you with a proper consultation where they listen carefully to your concerns, explain clearly what you can expect and do not push a sale on you


That’s exactly what we provide you with, here at Enhanze CLinic.

Nothing comes before your safety; Among us we have over 20years of clinical experience with a safety profile of almost 100% complication free!

And when it comes to results, we believe strongly in the natural look. No one should know that you’ve had a procedure done!

That’s why we initially under-treat you, using the minimum amount of product you’ll need. If any more is necessary, we can add more dermal filler in a subsequent appointment until you reach you love - and which doesn’t look fake in any way.

Take a look at some recent, beautiful results:

See how the face is a little fuller and looks more balanced? The nasolabial or smile lines are reduced and not so deep while the under eye shadow is reduced.

The lips are fuller with a nice upturning of the corners.

This lady looks fresher and more youthful as her smile lines folds are much redcued to amke her face more balanced and softer. 

You’d never know she’s had a procedure, right?

It's the kind of under-stated, cautious approach many people like. W
e usually discuss whether someone need fillers or not first. If not, or if there’s a better option, then no injections are done.  




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