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Slimming Treatments

Now there's a new slimming treatment called NARL which amazingly is able to reduce intraabdominal fats. So all you men out there with "happy" tummies! Now there's something for you.


Dr.Sutina said…
today some people tried the NARL treatmnet and gosh!the hot blanket that comse after it is really hot and makes your sweaty.... have yet to try it, though. anyone has done this treatment anywhere else?
Dr.Sutina said…
My 13yr old patient who used to weigh 124kg in March came to see me today and now weighs 115kg.What did he do? He started going on the threadmill 20min a day and reduced his big meals from 5x a day to only 3. His favorite burger in Taman TAR is now only 1 a night instead of what used to be 3-4 pieces at one time!See what a little bit of willpower and exercises can do for us?
~ HuSnA FaDziL~ said…
hii there..!! i'm 24 yrs old female,with problems of cellulite n excess fat in lower part.i've just read about the services in's awesome..!! what is the cost of doing smartlipo or meso-lipotherapy..??
Dr.Sutina said…
Dear Husna,
just saw your comment tonite. Sorry about that.I'm still a little slow at reading and writing the blog. But the smartlipo or even the mesolipo is greast for lower body fat reduction. Mind you tho the smartlipo does not wotk for cellulite.
Anonymous said…
Dear Doct, where is your office/centre location
Dr.Sutina said…
Please visit the enhance website for office location n directions.

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