March 17, 2009

Hair Removal

For those of you who wax or shave regularly, think about almost permanent Hair reduction with either laser or IPL. Now we have the 2 most painless hair removal machines. Not only that they are also able to reduce hair on dark MAlay and Indian skins!.


  1. Now there is a greaty offer at the clinic for permanent hair reduction. At only RM300, you can now have 3treatments to reduce at least 80% of your hair from your underarms, upper lip, chin and jawline area, facial area, bikini line and even go Brazilian! Better go over and try this out ASAP.

  2. WOw, our ladies are reporting a 60-70% reduction in hair after just 1 session of the Soprano SUHR(SUPER HAIR REDUCTION)laser treatments! Especially those who had a Brazilian HR...

  3. The SHR (SUper HAir Reduciton) laser is wonderful. Most of clients are reporting >80% no growth after 2 sessions and 1 month later! ANyone out there with MAJOR hair overgrowth problems all over the body, do try this out. The offer is unmatchable.


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