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Breast Treatments

Wolah! breast augmentation without surgery..... the filler for enlarging your breasts safely is finaly in town and we shall be carrying out our first treatment today! Best part is you can increase your breast size slowly, so you can do it every few months or so and only if you feel like it!Great , huh?


Dr.Sutina said…
For those of you that know abour MACROLANE filler, well this is similar, except cheaper. Imagine a cleavege or 1 cup size in 1 hour without any surgery, much bruising, or pain. This brreast filler technique is most exciting for me. For those interested, do call me and I can explain in greater detail.
Dr.Sutina said…
We did our first filler for breast.DOne under guidance of Dr Mario GAioi from Naples Italy. Really nice once done. Gave a nice fullness in the upper breast area. definitely looked good. Great that it took only 2hrs and alls done. Not painful at all...
Dr.Sutina said…
Breast Fillers are getting more n more popular. Now with my own no-pain, fuss free technique, which I developed over the past 2years, breast size can increase to a cup size in just 20min. No bruise, no pain, no scars, no downtime- just fuller n voluptuous breasts. For those fearful of surgical implants, these fillers (MACROLANE, HYACORP) are a blessing!
Anonymous said…
interesting.. what's the cost like? will it cost more than implants?

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