July 31, 2009

Skin Care

Hi there! There's a new product that was launched in KL last Friday 24th Jul whiach as taken Hollywood by storm! It can reduce lines in just 1 hr and tighten skin in 8 weks! It's called the "Youth Complex" by iS Clinical skincare range. Meant for those 40+ to 60yrs, it gives dramatic improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, smoothness/firmness, hydration/moisture and overall skin texture. I read through the clinical studies and most of those who tried had more then 90% improvement! I tried this "youth serum" myself three days ago, and woalah! my crow's feet were not there anymore! How amazing can that be? It was also compared to Pravage, LaMer and Revaleskin(Coffeeberry) and came out tops. Best part is it's not even as expensive as the former 2. Cheak out iSCLINICAL.com website for more info on the product range. For those who have tried this range before, please give your feedback as I would like to see if it as good for others....


  1. Dr Sutina! Thanks for saying such great things (and truths) about our iS CLINICAL range (www.isclinical.com). We are so very excited because we know that this is a truly exceptional skincare range that will benefit so many Malaysian women and men!
    Here are some pictures we took of you at the launch.... be sure to show off your Signature Kits !


  2. Yes, the Youth COmplex really works. I never believed in the "Botox" creams before but after trying out the serum given to me during the iS launch, I noted my crow's feet lines were already less in just 3 days! This cream is a wonder cream!

  3. Yes, Crsitina, I'm discovering iS skincare range to be very effective and be beneficial in our clinic setting. What's great is there are not too many products to use for effective outcome. Am looking forward to see the effects of the Acne range seeing that a lot of middle aged women are suffering from acne nowadays!
    BTW the iS launch last friday was interesteing. I especially enjoyed the Violin player (one of those things I wish I could have learnt)! Seen the pictures too. Nice!Here are 2 to share.

  4. Hi Dr. Sunita, I hope you still remember me. I'm Hayati, Sarina's sister. I'm got acne problem again.
    Last time you have given me to try Neostrata, Dalacin-T & Antibiotic.
    Can I arrange to see you next week on Monday (10 August) and where is your clinic?

  5. Several new skincare treatments now available to treat acne especially6 adult female acne. There is also a new skincare that tackles cyclicale acne in women who gets breakouts during and before their menstruation.


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