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Our latest for Lipolisis

The Accusculpt laser for fat reduction and skin tightening has finally arrived on our Malaysian shores! Our clinic is now proudly the 1st and only centre in Malaysia to have this high tech machine. It arrived on 10th Nov and immediately I tried it out on our ever ready model patient-my hubby!. He has been bugging me about his protruding lower abds and now believe it or not after just 1 week-it's gone! SInce then we have done another male abdomen as well as upper arms, bra and armpit fat buldge, saddle bags, inner thighs, back thighs, facial jowls and chubby cheeks. What I found amazing was that in the middle of treatment, you can practically see melted fat oozing out of the entry wounds!


Anonymous said…
Have been very busy this past 2 weeks carrying out body sculptering with the Accushape procedure! Results are pretty amazing and many want a repeat of the treatments. Just looking out for anybody with Gynacomastia or "Men Boobs" as this procedure is great for those as it melts the fat and tighten the skin quickly to give a nice firm chest. SO anyone?
Anonymous said…
Dr. Sutina, I'm interested to go thru either the laserlipolisis or Accushape procedure but I'm a bit concern b'cos I have hypertension. Is there any side effect? or is it safe for me to do it? Appreciate your advice.
Dr Sutina said…
Many poeple are concerned about undergoing surgical procedures if they have conditions like Diabetes or Hypertension. Which is why a minimaly invasive procedure like Accushape is ideal as there is no intravenous medications given thus avoiding drug-drug interaction as well as side effects from the medications used. In terms of your Hypertension(High BP), as long as it is well controlled with your regular medication, there should be no problems. Which areas are you interested in?
Mandy said…
Hi Dr.Sutina, i happened to 'bump' onto your blogspot and i'm very interested in the Accusculpt procedure and have heard very much about it from friends and doctors alike. I'm inerested in sculpting my face as i have a small round face and would wish to have a more oval shaped face. I was wondering if Accusculpt can help me achieve this and i'm very much interested in this procedure due to the minimal downtime and minimally invasive method used. Can i know the cost of the accusculpt procedure on the face? And i'm also inrested in the laser hair removal treatment. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!
Mandy said…
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Dr Sutina said…
Yes, Mandy the accusculpt may be able to help you achieve a more oval shaped face if the roundness of your face is due to fatty cheeks. Basically the laser melts the subcutaneous fat in the cheek area and so the cheeks will then slowly sinkin. Of course I will have to examine you first to see wether the roundness is from large muscles of your jaw, or buccal fat pad or actual cheek fat. Cost starts at RM3000. This procedure is a one time only procedure and results will last you a long time.
As for the hair removal, the Gentle Yag is a long pulse laser which is gold standard for permanent hair reduction. I have tried it myself and it is certainly more berable then IPL or other lasers!
Mandy said…
Thanks for the prompt feedback Dr.Sutina, i'll definitely be making appointment within the next 2 weeks for a consultation on Accuscuplt. Thanks!
Dr Sutina said…
Acculift is the way to go for facial reshaping and chubby cheeks. Definitely tightens skin well. Started to do brow lift and undereye bags-amazing results for a non surgical procedure and takes only 1 hour.
Rod said…
Hi Dr Sutina, I am keen to do Acculift for facial reshaping incl brow lift and undereye bags. What is the cost like?
Mabeles eGojez said…
Dear Dr.Sutina,
Where is the location of your clinic, please?
Dr Sutina said…
Location of En-hanze Aesthetics centre : Suite 206, Level 2, Block B, Phileo Damansara 1, off Jalan Damansara, section 16/11, Petaling Jaya. Tel 1300-88-1788. Operation Hours : 10am -7pm from Tue to Saturdays.

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