June 2, 2010

Double Chin Reduction

Have done more and more acculift treatment for double chin and fatty lower cheeks. I have found the results to be very satisfying especially for those born with a double chin. After just 2 weeks our clients can see their chins and have their jawline defined. I think this is the most wonderful and most effective minimaly invasive treatment to loose that fat!


  1. Today, I had another Acculift session for shaping of the lower face. Yesterday I did one to reduce the jowls and double chin. Tommorrow I have 2 cases for Acculift, one to shape the lower face and make it slimmer, and another also tp tighten the jawline and neck skin. As I do more and more, the results seem to get better and outcome more definite. It is definitely a very satisfying procedure to conduct, both for me as the conducting surgeon and the patient for the subtle but definite outcome that cannot be achieved with other non-surgical methods.

  2. How much do u charge for face shaping/ slimming using acculift?

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