June 16, 2010

Welcome Malaysia's 1st Cool Sculpter

The brand new Zeltiq Coolsculpting machine arrived at our clinic on 15th June. Together to hand it over was Mr James Hastings, Zeltiq's very own Director of Marketing who also conducted an intensive 3hour training for all.
Our very first patient/model was Ruzi, who was very cooperative and a very "ideal" patient. Ruzi enjoyed the whole treatment session (it lasted 3hours for 3 parts!) and says she could definitely do it again! It was relaxing and totally painless-in fact she fell asleep and managed to catch up with sleep that she needed!
The clinic is offering a 10% discount for those who signs up in the month of June for the Zeltiq CoolLipo.


  1. Our Coolsculpter has taken off very well. Done more then 20 cases so far and patients are very happy with the results. Some even claim their tummy has reduced by 3cm in the 1st week! All of them enjoyed their treatments as it was painless,comfortable, private and they actually could relax for an hour or two from their busy schedule. Some even enjoyed a movie during the procedure! Way to go Zeltiq.....

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  3. How much does it cost to a treatment and how many treatments are required?

  4. For charges please call t.he centre direct at En- hanze Medical Centre at 1300-88-1788.

  5. Zeltiq two years on - still going strong but many genetics out there claiming to deliver results like it and at much, much cheaper price. Be Careful! I was at the curve last nite and saw a bunting for a "freeze fat" machine claiming to be Coolsculpting. Check your details and don't get cheated!


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