December 27, 2010

My Fractional CO2 with PRP experience

Last I had my fractional CO2 with PRP done was August 2009. The effect showed maximally after 3months (90days) and lasted almost the 8months it was expected to. I loved it! My skin finally improved to waht it used to be in my twenties. After much postponing, I finally managed to have another treatment done. Just to share my day to day account of the aftermath of a fractional CO2 :

Day 1 - Immediately after. Face was swollen, red and quite uncomfortable. Stings when water touches it. Tried all the postlaser creams available at our clinic but all of them stings! What helped is the thermal springwater spray (Avene, Uriage) which really have a soothing

Day 2 - some redness have settled and much less stinging is felt. Skin feels very warm to touch and dry.

Day 3 - Face looks a darker shade due to formation of scabs on the little laser 'dots'. No more sting. Redness has turned to patcy pinkishness.

Day 5 - scabs starting to fall off. Mid face area came off first slowly along the sides of face. Once the scabs come off, the smoothness of the skin can seen & felt. I'm looking forward to see what my skin will be next week!

Day 7 - all scabs are gone. Skin is smooth n healthy looking. yeah!

Day 14 - getting comments from people around saying you look "refreshed" n your skin glows! Now for my age that is definitely a welcome comment!

PRP is going to be my new face procedure from now on.
Those interested to do the same, please ask your doctors for PRP therapy combined with Dot laser for the best outcomes.

We were covered in our local TV program Nona :

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