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Face Slimming & Shaping

I have been receiving quite a number of interested querries and consults on FACE SHAPING and FACE SLIMMING. Why the sudden interest, I wonder? Is it becasue people are just only now aware of the availibility of procedures like Botolinium toxin A (BOTOX, DYSPORT) injections? or is there a sudden surge in the population of people with 'wide" faces? For those who of you out there interested in face shaping or slimming, there are actually several ways to go about it.
If the broadness of your face is due to the protrusion of the jaw angle, and if this is due to strong jaw muscles( to check this put 2 fingers on the muscles at the angle of the jaw, clench your teeth and see if your fingers bounce outwards), then you have a condition called "MASSETER HYPERTROPHY". This is easily treated with Botox or Dysport injections. The effect is amazing! Within 2 weeks, your jawline can narrow down such that people may think you've lost weight or you are someone else.
If instead the lower face is broad because of chubby cheeks or a 'fatty' jawline, a better treatment would be lipolisis either thruough mesotherapy, carboxytherapy, radiofrequency, ultrasound lipolisis or laserlipolisis.
The ACCULIFT technique is able to reduce fat and redefine the facial contuors in a short time with just local anesthesia and no downtime but giving permanent results in just 1 or 2 session.
Recently, I discovered a new technique to reduce cheek chubbiness using the ACCENT ULTRALIPO equipment which we have been using for stubborn pockets of body fat. Using an Ultrasound technology, the procedure melts fat permanently and facial fat can be reduced bit by bit. Since this is a totally non-invasive procedure, there is no downtime whatsoever and results can be seen within 1 to 3 sessions.
Other techniques for shaping the lower face are surgical mandibular bone resection and liposuction of the jawline and lower cheeks.

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WhatLiesBeneath said…
Hello Dr.Sutina.I had fat atrophy from a laser I did for my face in 2008. I then had a fat grafting procedure in Nov 2009 however, the doctor had put too much of fat on my lower face as well as along my laugh lines. I have been trying to "slim" my face down. So far I have done 3 sessions of Tenor and 2 mesotheraphy injections but I do not see significant improvements. I would like to know whether Acculift would be a good procedure to get rid of this small bits of fat along the jowls and laugh lines? It would help me if you could also give me just an indication of what this would cost before I make an appointment to see you.
WhatLiesBeneath said…
Hi. I asked about Accent Ultra or Acculift for the lower jaw line area a few days back but have yet to hear from you. I had a fat grafting done a year back and the doctor filled this area too much.I've had 3 sessions of Tenor and 2 injections of mesotherapy to dissolve the fat but there has hardly been any noticeable change. Would any of the above methods prove successful for my problem. Thanks.
Dr Sutina said…
Yes, I think Acculift is a good procedure to help "even" out the uneven deposits of fat especially since you've tried Tenor and mesotherapy and they didn't work. I would conduct an Acculift procedure without any suction or fat aspiration but just to lyse or "melt " the fat. Please provide your email address so I can inform you on all the details. Or you can call our clinic at 03-79601788 for more info.
Dr Sutina said…
Watch us on NONA program on TV3 Sunday, 11th March 2012 where we demonstrate the BTA injection for Hawkins reduction and Accent ultra treatment to reduce fat in cheek area(fatty cheeks) and to V shape the face.
Anonymous said…
is it expensive to own a V shaped face? thanks
Dr Sutina said…
No it's not expensive compared to other face lifting treatments. In fact most people only need 2-3 sessions for good results so it is very convenient though effective.
kHa!Sa said…
can i know the cost for this treatment?
kHa!Sa said…
can i know the cost for this treatment?
Anonymous said…
May I know how much does it cost for V-shape and Face fat reduction?
Dr Sutina said…
Please contacr our clinical centre at 03-79601788 for any enquiries regarding programs and charges.
Anonymous said…
Which of the two procedures would you recommend for cheek fat removal?
Anonymous said…
Do you do cheekbone reduction? How much is the cost please?
Dr Sutina said…
For cheek fat removal, either Accent Ultrasound or Acculift LAserlipolisis can be conducted. The choice will depend on invasive or non-invasive method.
Dr Sutina said…
We do not do cheekbone reduction but cheek augmentation with fillers.
Anonymous said…
I have a very chubby face, it could be due to my medical history, i am a 11yrs post kidney transplant patient.. can i have a face slimming process, pls advice im very intrested to have a slim looking face / v shape face ... TQ
The options for face slimming nowadays are : Accent ultrasound lipolisis, dermotoxin face shaping, BTA mass aether reduction, Acculift laserlipolisis, Fine UVLift with Korean PDO threads. Which one is best for you? I will need to see you and discuss the options personally with you.
MH sufferer said…
Hello doctor. May I know how much is the treatment for MASSETER HYPERTROPHY and how many sessions are needed?
sutina nordin said…
Yes, Acculift which uses laser inserted into the fatty part is probably your next best option. For charges, please contact our clinic direct at 1300-88-1788. Ask for quotation for Acculift for lower cheek and jawline treatment.
sutina nordin said…
Dear Khasa, please contact the clinic direct at 1300-88-1788 for pricing and charges.
sutina nordin said…
Both procedures can be used for cheek fat removal. Which is recommended will be done when I examin you personally.
sutina nordin said…
Hi MH, you have to cbtact our centre direct at 1300-88-1788 or email to or WA to 0123043779 and someone will get back to you on the latest charges. The no of sessions range from 1 to 2 depending on how "big" or strong you muscles are.

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