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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Now, beautiful noses can be created NON-SURGICALly with substances called FILLERS. These are made of either Hyaluronic Acid(HA), Gels (PMMA, PMAA) or Calcium Hydroxypeptide(CHP). I have been carrying out this procedure for several years now where I have done NOSE ENHANCEMENT with Juvederm, Surgiderm, Esthelis B, Teosyal, Restalyne, Radiesse, Aquamid, BioAlcamid and I have found RADIESSE used for nose enhancement be the best. Recently our clinic had a promotion for NOSE AUGMENTATION using the Radiesse filler and I must say the results is really good! With this filler I can sharpen the bridge, reshape the nose, build and increase bridge and tip height, all with a single substance and in 1 sitting! The procedure is almost painless as a local anesthesia is given and barely any needle marks or swelling after. Best part is the product can last upto 2years. Radiesse is also good for cheek and chin augmentation as it gives a nice "lift" to the cheekbone and enhances the definition of the chin, giving an improvement to the facial contours by improving its 3 dimensionality. The results are very natural, and so no one will know something's been done.

Radiesse Malaysia Kuala Lumpur


Anonymous said…
Hi, I feel interested with Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty. How much the cost will be roughly?
and Meso-Lipo Theraphy.
Did you offer course for it? roughly how much ya?
Dr.Sutina said…
FOr any cosgting or charges, please call EN-hanze Clinic/Aesthetic Centre at 03-79601788 or 1300-88-1788.
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kerrianrichard said…
I am planning to go for the nose surgery.This was such nice information about the non-surgical surgery. What was its price , it seem to have less that the plastic surgery. How much will these cost.

nose surgery
Dr.Sutina said…
We will using AQUAMID Reconstruction filler for our longterm remedy to nonsurgical nose augmentation. Under the tutelage of Dr Andrew Le, an Australian Cosmetic Physician, I can "Resnais" the nose to the desired shape in 30min.
Sana depth said…
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Anonymous said…
Dear Dr Sutina,

Do your clinic offers Radiesse filler? and roughly how much ?
Dr.Sutina said…
Yes, I do use Radiesse filler and especially for nose augmentation I love it! It gives a natural look and feel. In fact it feels almost like your own nose after it's settled in. For charges , please call En-hanze Clinic direct as there is a range and it depends on how much product you need.
Anonymous said…
dear dr sutina, i have called ur Clinic regarding this. i understand tat the radiesse filler is come in a small dosage eg.1.3cc .. n let say if the patient didnt fully use the 1.3cc on the nose, the remainibg balance can it be use on the chin? ur nurse did offer me a price range but i juz unsure how'sthe price quoted..based on my shud be based on the ml injected
Anonymous said…
Hi, how much is the filler thing
Dr.Sutina said…
The charges will be based on product brand, amount used, and area to be treated as this determines the professional charges. Most fillers come in pre-filled syringes of 0.8cc, 1.0cc, 1.5cc and 2 cc. Once the product packet seal is open it should be used fully and to be shared to ensure no transmission of infection. Each syringe can be used in 1 area or multiple areas depending on the desire and the need of the client. Best to come in and see me for a price quote based on your requirement and need. Price range from RM900 to RM 4000 per syringe.
Anonymous said…
Dear Dr,Sutina,this this surgery safety,does it cost any side effects later on?usually wat the costing range?
waiting for reply
Bimal.B said…
I am having a fat round nose, could you please let me know
how much will it cost for surgery and how long to be admitted in hospital for the treatment ?
Bimal.B said…
I am having a fat round nose,could you please let me know
how much will it cost for surgery and how long to be admitted in hospital for the treatment ?
Dr.Sutina said…
Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty as its name suggests, is not a surgery. The fillers are safe as long as they are registered medical device grade and injections are conducted by trained and experienced injectors. There is rarel any side effects or complications. The cost ange from RM1200 to RM4000 depending on brand, quantity and how long the filler lasts. Please call En-hanze Clinic for more details on pricing at 1300-88-1788.
Anonymous said…
Hye dr, would ,ike to check as a 1st ti e customer if i would like to go for nose augment procedure,is there any special price for year end promotiin?THANK YOU
Unknown said…
how much would Rhinoplasty cost me to get the size of my nose reduced. the general size is too big and i want it smaller...also...maybe remove a small bump on my much am i looking to spend
Dr.Sutina said…
non-Surgical rhinoplasty is not a procedure to reduce nose but to enhance it. No surgery is required. I use either threads or fillers.

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