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Vulvalar Whitening

Many Asian women experience a darkening of the inner thigh skin or the perineum skin as they age and especially after pregnancy. This is a very common phenomenon and can be quite unbecoming especially in a swimsuit or bikini. Sometime this darkening is due to the rubbing of inner thigh skin together due to excess fat in the thighs or a fungal infection which causes itchiness and scratching. Our new laser can now treat this area of skin. Each treatment can improve the condition by at least 20%. Because of this I usually recommend 3 sessions with each session 1 month apart. Although I must say that some women have found satisfactory outcome even after just 1 treatment.


Dr Sutina said…
The new upgraded LVR laser will be arriving in our clinic end of Jan 2012. This revolutionary new techno is combining fractional CO2 laser with Radio Frequency so more heat is generated but less pain and surface damage is created. This will result in better collagen stimulation and regeneration in the vulvo vaginal area. My earlier patients can feel a difference after just 1 treatment although I do recommend a series of 2 or 3 is done for best results.
Dr Sutina said…
Went for the press campaign of V2LR at Gardens Hotel. Later interviewed by NTV7 reporter regarding this new technique for treating the majority of those women out there wanting an improvement ib their sexual and physical intimacy encounters. The V2LR aims to tackle vaginal dryness, feeling of thinning of vagina, dry vulvalar skin, reduced clitoral sensation as well as vagina sensation, reshape vulvalar area, whitening of surrounding genitalia skin and general improvement in sexual wellbeing.
Anonymous said…
hi doc....I have really dark skin around my inner thighs and vagina(very dark grey) though my original skin colour is brown(medium)...I believe it is caused by friction because I am obese and I do have sensitive skin and dryness and itchiness around that part make it worse ...I've consulted a skin specialist before and he gave me a few cremes (quite expensive too) but did not work at all...I believe no cremes can heal this anymore and peeling/bleaching will just make it worse and darker coz I've tried this method is really embarrasing...I am getting married in 5 months and need something extreme n quick....please email me the price for this treatment and other details asap...tq...
Dr Sutina said…
Many Asian women of medium skin tone suffer from inner thigh skin darkening. This gets worse with pregnancy and aging. It can be quite embarrassing if it's quite widespread and if one wants to wear shorts or in a swimsuit. There are several ways to treat this : skin lightening agents, bleaching creams, microdermabrasion, skin peeling, QS pigment laser and fractional laser resurfacing. The V2LR laser is just one of the techniques available. It is the most efficient so far in delivering results.
Anonymous said…
Hye Dr. I have emailed your MSN acc.
Please do check.
Anonymous said…
Dr. I have sent you an email. please do check it out yea..
zulaikha akma said…
Hi dr.. can you sent me an email about the pricing for whitening inner thigh and vaginal? tq so much

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