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Tegangkan kulit dengan Intracel radio frequency dan microneedling

Baru- baru ini kami diliputi rancangan Nona TV3 bagi prosedur terbaru kami bernama Intracel yang menggunakan jarum halus bersama radio frekuensi bagi menyampaikan haba kabahagian dermis serta membuat suntikan halus supaya stimulasi kolagen berlaku. Proses ini sangat berkesan bagi pembentukan sel kolagen baru untuk mendapatkan ketegangan kulit, mengurangkan pora-pora serta parut-parut jerawat.
The all new Intracel technology uses a combination of micro needling with radio frequency transmission to cause minute dermal injury while heating the collagen making it a superb treatment for skin tightening, skin lifting, pore reduction and best of all acne scar reduction. As there is no laser light and heat involved , the procedure is very safe for people with skin of color as it does not induce hyperpigmentation.
When PRP is applied, the results are even more awesome!
Watch our you tube video  clip on a local Malysian TV show.Intracel by DrSutina on TV3
Intracel Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Fractional radio frequency RF
Micro needling with RF
Skin rejuvenation with RF needling
Tighten  skin
Acne scar reduction with Intracel
Scar microneedling skin
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