September 16, 2013

Get stem cells from fat - Adipocyte Derived Stem Cells ( ADMSC)

Did you know that Stem Cells come very limited sources in adults? One of  its sources is Adipocyte  cells or FAT cells which actually carry a large amount of Stemcells almost similar to bone marrow. The most robust fat tissue are the ones in the lower tummy and inner thighs. So if you want to bank your Stemcells and get rid of your unwanted fats as well,then a technique to extract the fat , process it  via a special method using certain substances, is now available. What can the Stem Cells be used for?  Well, it can be kept for future use, it can be transfused directly for internal cellular repair and rejuvenation in cases of Aging, Tissue degeneration like Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, post Heart Attack, Diabetics with Renal Disfunction, or children with cerebral palsy, autism, or Down's syndrome  nerve. In Aesthetic Medicine, we can use it together with the transferred fats to make it last longer upto 7years. Fat can be transferred fr buttock, hips, thighs or tummy to the face, breasts or buttocks.
Invented by a Japaneses cosmetic surgeon, Dr Yushimura, filling of the breasts with fat tissue and temcells extracted fr another part of the patient's body, has been successfully conducted since 7 years ago. Now we can have it done at a fraction of the cost.

Breast lipo filling
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Fat stem cell
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