April 13, 2015

Bringing MINT Thread Lifting from Seoul to Malaysia

Was in a Seoul Korea again in January 2015.  The weather was cold and days were short but we had a fun time exploring and a fruitful training session in conducting the very new, and very effective threadlift called the MINT lift. This technique uses thicker PDO threads with barbs or cox that can hold the skin up better and longer. 

The training was conducted at the Euro Clinic,a classy and upmarket type of plastic surgical centre in the heart of Gangnam area. The owner and founder , DrChoi  is a well known plastic surgeon who currently is the biggest conducter of MINT Lift since it was first introduced just 6months ago.
I had a full hands on under his guidance.

MiNT lift is a threadlift that uses thicker cox thread placed under the skin from the temple area right down to the lower facial skin to "lift" the skin against the downward pull of gravity. The lift stays as these threads are anchored in the temple area using a special Mint Needle. The final results are a more lifted facial skin, Vshaping of the face and reduction of jowling or skin droop along the jawline. Areas that can be treated are brows, mid face, lower face, neck areas. 
The threads are fully biodegradable and dissolves in 4-6 months leaving the lift intact and lasting for the next 1.5 to 3 years. 
I think this is the answer to a non surgical face lift that actually works and stays as the PDO threads in MINT is the thickest so far.
The procedure can be conducted under local anesthesia and effect is immediate. Some swelling and bruising might be experienced but otherwise, there is minimal downtime.

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