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Menopause - bio identical supplementation

This is the time in a woman's life when her ovaries cease to produce an egg every 4weeks and therefore menstruation ceases so the woman can no longer become pregnant.
Menopause is confirmed after 12monrhs without a period.

Types of Menopause 
Late Menopause - when menopause happens after the age of 55yrs.
Peri menopause - this is the 5-10yesr period prior to Menopause. Hormonal changes associated with menopause commences then. Some symptoms may occur during this period even though the woman may still be menstruating.
Premature Menopause - this is when menopause occurs before the age of 40. Approximately 5% of women experience this. 

 What is Oestrogen?
Oestrogen is the name given to a class of hormones. There are 3 types of eostrogen produced by women : pest room (E1) , exist radios (E2), and Oestrone (E3). Oestradiol is the most potent. It is also spelt as estrogen.

What is Progesterone?
Progesterone is a naturally occurring hormone inborn men and women. It is essential to many vital functions in the human body. The ovaries produce most of the progesterone, but only when ovulation occurs. As menopause gets closer, less progesterone is produced. Progesterone deficiency is responsible for many symptoms in menopause. 
Progesterone also balances  estrogen. So even after hysterectomy, eostrogen in the body needs to be balanced by progesterone.

Testosterone for women
Women's ovaries n adrenal glands also produce testosterone. During menopause women experience a drop in oestrogen and testosterone production. Testosterone is important in maintaining sexual desires, strength and integrity of skin, muscle and bone. Low levels of testosterone will result in a decreased sex drive, fatigue and decreased sense of wellbeing.

Compounded hormones
Natural hormones can be obtained from sterol analogues found in many varieties of plants, primarily soybean and wild yam. These oestrogen and progesterone like compounds are then transformed in the lab to the human bio-identical natural hormones.

What are Bio identical Hormones (BIH)?
BIH are biologically identical hormones derived from plants or are exact copy formulations . Suplementing our bodies with hormone molecules that are identical to those we produce allows our bodies to benefit identically. The BIH are recognized by the body & bind quickly to receptors causing appropriate affect and are also broken down quickly n metabolized easier excretion from the body. 

Can Hormone Supplementation Therapy (HST) cause side effects?
HST goal is to restore and maintain physiological status. If hormone levels were normal from age 29-40, restoring them to same level that was well tolerated for 20years is unlikely to cause any serious side effects in later life. The risk is further reduced if natural bio identical hormones are used. Scientific studies have shown the potential benefits of HST are great. However, overdosing to excessive level causes most problems reported. So to ensure safety, levels should not be raised above normal youthful range. Side effects can also be relieved with dose adjustment. 

Hormone Testing
Adequate levels can be tested via a saliva or blood test.  Testing provides a means to establish wether or not your hormone levels are within the expected normal range. It is important to tot rate and monitor doses to minimize side effects and risks without compromising the benefits of supplementation. 

Types of Hormones can be tested
Total oestrogens



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