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Andropause - hormone supplementation

And topside is the result of low testosterone and is a natural part of male aging, due to a decline in testicular ( as in ovarian in females) function. Also known as "Male Menopause" , it is the counterpart of Female menopause.
Testosterone or T levels in men remain relatively constant until about age 50, at which time they begin to fall slowly. However the decline in male hormone production is much more gradual then the decline in female hormones production. 

Symptoms of Andropause
Decrease in libido 
Decrease in erectile dysfunction
Decreased energy & strength
Increase body fat
Loss of muscle mass
Enlargement of prostate glands
Inability to concentrate
Loss of enthusiasm
Reduced mental agility

What is Testosterone?
Testosterone is the primary make hormone. It is found in all men, women and children.  Testosterone is made in the restocked, ovaries and adrenal glands. It is also found in brain tissue.

Testosterone is a vital sex hormone. In men testosterone is produced mainly in the testes , which also produce the dperm. The amount of Testosterone produced is regulated by the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. Testosterone is s powerful anabolic hormone essential for the development of muscles, bones, skin, and sex organs. 

Men with low T ( hypogonadism) are given T replacement therapy to enhance their libido, decrease their heart disease risk, increase their lean body mass and prevent osteoporosis. Testosterone may also lower total cholesterol, and decrease insulin resistance. 
As men age the balance between testosterone and oestrogen changes, tilting towards more Oestradiol production. The hormone responsible for stimulating testosterone is LH( lureinizing hormone).  Excess Oestradiol may decrease LH level n therefore the level of Testosterone.
( the average 60year old male has more circulating oestrogen in his bloodstream then the average 60year old female!)
The conversion of testosterone to Oestradiol is influenced by the enzyme aroma taste. Both testosterone and androstenedione are both aromatic able to Oestradiol. So if levels of oestrogen is elevated, it is possible to block aroma taste activity, to reduce the chances of testosterone given converting to even more oestrogen. A Natural aromatase inhibitors in the market is chrysin. 

How is testosterone deficiency treated?
Testosterone deficiency can be treated by intramuscular injections, testosterone patch, or testosterone gel.

What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy? (TRT)
TRT is necessary only if Testosterobe levels are below normal. There 2 forms of testosterone in the human body : the Toral or bound Wstosterone (TT) and the Free Testosterone (FT). FT levels can be detected by simple saliva or blood testing. Over 75% of T in saliva is the FT form. FT drives is the normal sex drive in both men and women. 

Why is TRT important?
Testosterone is the most important hormone in the male body. Without normal levels of testosterone it is impossible to look and feel like a man!

What are the normal level of testosterone?
Male 300-1,000ng/dL 
Female 20-80ng/dL 

How is low testosterone treated?
TRT can be done in a variety of ways. Injectable testosterone is administered every 2-4 weeks or testosterone patches n gels can b used that deliver hormone transdermal lr or through the skin by wearing a patch or applying a gel to the arm, leg or buttocks.

Does a man need testosterone replacement?
As a man ages,his testosterone will naturally decline. Testosterone is the hormone that retains a men's mental focus, his energy, his metabolism and muscles as well as keeps fat in check and bones strong. 

For a consult on TRT and to discuss further your Andropause possibility , I can be contacted at our centre toll free no 1300-88-1788

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