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Soft Surgery for Upper eyelid lift

Now there is a new term " Soft Surgery" where no actual surgery is conducted but treatment results equate a surgical outcome. 
Soft surgery is the term used for treatments by Plexr Plasma and Vibrance  Needle lift. I attended a training session with DrSotiris In Athens, Greece in April for a comprehensive training on the techniques and methods using these 2 new technologies. His detailed explanation and meticulous demonstrations enabled us to adopt his method to deliver very precise results. 
Plexr uses plasma technology to "ablate" the superficial layer of ski i.e. the epidermis. This process of sublimation is able to cause contraction of the elastin fibers in the skin making the treated skin contract. In the case of wrinkles and line this contraction allows for its disappearance and reduction while skin looks taught we and smoother. For the upper eyelids where there is substantial fine lines, wrinkling and also drop pines, this soft surgery is able to allow enough contraction to open up the eyes, lift the upper eyelid and even take away the "hooding". 
It is found after 3sessions most patients can achieve almost 70% improvement and look as good as if urgent had been done!
I found this to be true when I tried it out for 8 patients before leaving for Athens. 
I am very excited to start conducting more and more of this procedure as the results are great and cost of procedure is reasonable so my patients can afford to have this done rather then surgery. 


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