June 24, 2016

Stem cells formulated from umbilical extract

Today I was introduced to a new product called Calecim. What's unique about it is it is formulated from umbilical cord extract making it human derived cells and and as close as one can get to human cells.

I was told it is best applied after a laser or micro needling procedure. So I decided to try it out. After listening to a short presentation by the founder of CellResearch who help discover and patent Calecim, we proceeded to have a QS Nd-Yag laser skin rejuvenation done. Immediately after, The Calecim Serum was applied equally to all 4 zones of my face. The serum is cooling and very soothing to the skin. My nurse, who had learnt the technique for its application, massaged it in very nicely and systematically. It felt pretty nice, I must say. 

I continued applying the serum that same night and again the day after. After that I continued with the cream extract which I am supposed to continue applying for the next 2weeks to 2months.
The very next day 2 of my patients asked what I had done as my skin looked firm and radiant!
Now that's what I call fast and effective!

This product was discovered in 2004 when scientists at CellResarch lab in Singapore made a scientific breakthrough and discovered a new source of proteins and nutrients in the Umbilical Extract.
The solution called Calecim is a cosmeceuticals solution that seem to visibly fight the signs of aging.
In the study that was conducted, it was found that Calecim Peofessional solution as it is known, was able to visibly repair skin, restoring elasticity, firmness and overall skin healthy appearance.

The Calecim Professionalserum contain solution which is 80% concentration of umbilical extract.
I was told that Due to the high concentration of cells in the serum, it is able to supply skin nutrients that aid and boost the restoration of my skin renewal cycle in just 4weeks!
Their scientists call this the "skin cycle reset" - where their umbilical extract conditioned media actively provides our skin with proteins to restore our skin to a more youthful state. So Calecim, accordingly, gives our skin a natural, luminous And youthful glow, by first creating a healthier skin environment.
We are now making Calecim Stemcell serum available in our clinic and we formulated programs combining it with our lasers ablative and non ablative including Mosaic laser, fractionated CO2 laser, QSwitch laser, Pixel laser as well as with fine micro needling.
For best results I definitely recommend the program of in clinic treatment, continued with home based serum application and finally the Calecim multiaction cream (MAC) for maintenance.
Call our clinic at 1300-88-1788 for any booking. 

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