August 21, 2016

Injections to loose double chin

 I have been going mesotherapy for face rejuvenation, hydration, scalp & hair regrowth as well as lipodissolve therapy for stubborn fat since 2005, and am always trying new solutions to improve on the outcome and results for patients. Most recently was the launch of a new "cocktail" by Italian co PromoItalia for the reduction and disappearance of double chin.

I went with a bit of skepticism and curiosity as already I have a good solution for this area. I found that the new  product called Celluform+ is even better in terms of effectiveness and side effects.
This double chin Lipodissolve therapy gives results after just 1 session upto 3 sessions for more fatty neck. And it's other special ingredients including arnica Montana helps to reduce swelling and bruising. 

The demo was conducted on a gentlemen with moderate severity. 
First the danger zones are outlined where injections should never be given. Then using a special grid , injection points are marked. This ensures the precise area to be treated while avoiding potential complications. 
Treatments are conducted 30days apart and may range from 1 upto 3 times depending on individual requirement. 
Before and after 2 sessions. 

Before after 2 sessions only

The best part about this product is not only that it is effective in just a few sessions, visits are just once a month and it is not painful with barely any downtime!

I am excited to try this procedure and to offer this treatment at our clinic. The results can be as good as a liposuction conducted in this area but without the risks and complications involved. 

I will conduct this treatment at our Aesthetic Clinic in KL and PJ. Call  1300-88-1788 

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