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Why you should choose this Organic Filler

Another visit to Bologna Italy recently for the 22nd SIES or the International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery was not just fruitful but fun as well.
We had a full 3 days of talks on Algeness - the one and only Organic filler in the market. A 100% natural filler and totally biodegradable, it is a breakthrough in the filler and Medical aesthetics market.

The first day we arrived (early morning) in Bologna we were whisked to our Hotel Carlton in the old city, to get checked in freshen up for the afternoon Algeness exclusive session. 
What I like about the Algeness company, ATT, is that it has strong emphasis on training and teaching the doctors that are going to use the product and there is a lot of continuous training for experienced injectors.
Despite feeling tired and sleepy from a 12 hour flight, I managed to stay awake throughout the 3 hours listening to experts talk about their personal experiences , new methods for the Algeness injections, new areas it can be injected to, complications that could occur, how to avoid them, and what to do if they do happen. All in all it was very informative (if only my brains was working as well!)


 A break in between was a respite and mingling with colleagues helped me to stay awake.
Of course dinner at a small traditional Marine inspired restaurant serving authentic Italian food helped us forget thejetlag !

All in all it was a wonderfull gathering of the "Algeness Family" as well as a catching up with colleagues, sharing experiences and learning new things session.

Why Algeness you may ask?
There's already so many fillers in the market.

Here are 5 reasons why :

1.Algeness is the one and only Organic filler which is 100% natural and biodegradable.
Made of red algae or Agarose, this biocompatible and biodegradable product has no chemical constituent whatsoever, which means it has a very, very low allergy or reaction risk.

2. It's tag line  "What you See is What You Get" or WYSWYG is lived up to as the filler stays put where it has been injected. This is becasue the product is not hydrophillic and therefore does not draw in water like with other products which causes expansion and sometimes shifting of tissue. The product remains for the months it is there. This is especially great for me as I used to get compplaints from clients that the filler product that was injected to their noses , although looked good when first injected, seem to "spread" sideways after a few months causing the nose bridge to look broader. This phenomenon is not unique to my clients only but after talking to other colleagues , seem to be a common occurrence.

3.It is long lasting but not too long . Because it is biodegradable it can stay in the injected area for the 9 to 12 months, which is just nice. 

4.I love the effect on bony areas( I use the 3.5%) especially in creating nice nose bridges and chins. It is also wonderful for cheek augmentations. Algeness is leaving up-to expectiations.

5. As the products come in syringes of 1.4cc making it almost 50% more then the regular Hyaluronic Acid (HA) products, this allows me to be able to do more and achieve the effect that both me and my patient desires.

Recently Algeness launched their new line called Charm which is 1% concentration which ideal for use in the tear trough or under eye area.

Soft and easy to inject, this is going to be another favorite product of mine besides Teosyal Reensity2 for the undereye area.

So BE YOURSELF, go Natural, go Organic.
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In between the meetings , of course we managed to grab some sightseeing done to the leaning tower of Pisa and Florence Duomo, which never fail to awe me in its grandiosity.


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