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Here’s Why You Need To Add Vitamin C Infused Products Into Your Beauty Regime

Many people have asked me abouit vit C wether it is to apply onto the skin , to take orally as a supplement and even as an IV infusion into the body for skin lightening (even whitening)
More often then not it is relation to maintaining good and healthy skin.
So how do one differentiate between a good and bad skin?
In general, Good Skin is usually clear of blemishes, supple to the touch, does not have scars, feels smooth to the touch and is bouncy when pinched. There are no visible pores, no pigmented patches, no ingrained scars, skin growths, is not oily nor does it feel rough or dry.

Now since there are elements that makes up a good skin, how do one maintain
having healthy skin especially with daily external stressors such as UV,
pollution, diet, medication etc.
To do this one must always practice the following :
i) sun avoidance or minimise sun exposure. Wear sun protection like hats and sunscreen whenever out in the sun and try to avoid sun at it's hottest ie between 1230 to 230pm. Many people forget to reapply their sunblock. The protection only lasts for 3-4 hours , so if you are outdoors, reapplication is a must.
ii) Use skincare which contains antioxidant like Vit C . Concentration of the Vit C is important. If there is hyoperpigmentation , should use 15-20% concentration. take stable vit C serums like Ascorbate Acid  and l-Ascorbate.
iii) Make sure skin is well hydrated esp if work in aircond room and then go out for lunc int eh afternoon. The extreme in temperature stresses the skin. So drink enough water and use good hydrating agents. Also can spray french spring water spray to face intermittently to hydrate.
iv) Always wear sunscreen/sunblock . SPF15 for casual protection, SPF25-30 for higher protection. SPF 50 and above if going to the beach or undergoing any procedures. This is the most important factor.

Therefore the ingredients you should be on the lookout for when it comes to beauty
products and keeping your skin healthy, are basicly a good cleanser , a physical (not chemical) sunblock of at least SPF15, antioxidants like Vit C and/or Vit E, Hyaluronic Acid (Vit B5) , maybe retinol (Vit A) and sometimes peptide for those older ones . Make sure there are no parabens, Sod laureal Sulphate SLS and other such chemicals.

Now Vitamin C has been famously and notoriously deemed as good for
your skin. What is Vitamin C and where is it derived from?
It is a fact that Vit C is good for our body and of of course our skin. It cannot be stored therefore has to taken daily used continuosly. PArticularly for skin Vit C is good as it is considered the most potent of antioxidant for skin as it protect the skin against environmental stressors esp the sun rays, and prevents the free radical damage that can cause collagen and elastin breakdown. Vit C also has lightening properties and work synergically with glutathione thus it's combination gicves a potent skin lightening effect.

Now Vit C can not only be taken orally to improve your immune system, given IV to boost your system as well in combination with others to lighten and brighten skin, but also can be used topically thorugh delivery systems like Iontophoresis or Transdermal Infusion which allows for much more amount of the vit C to penetrate the skin.

myn personally choice for Vit C in skincare depends. 
I look for pure C, stable and in serum form . They all should be in dark glass bottle or in capsul forms.
My favorite Vit C Serum is from Skin Ceuticals and the ZO Skin Health range by Obagi.

TO know more or for an opinion you can write to me at or drsutina/facebook 

@enhanzeclinic @drsutinanordin


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