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Cell Renewal Therapies Revitalizes,Strenghtens, Improves and Prevents

Greater exposure to environmental and industrial pollutants tends to produce more free radicals in cells, causing deterioration in the tissues, organs and their functions. This is called oxidative stress or cell oxidation-one of the primary causes of the aging process and all the disease related to it.
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Scientific Background
In 1911, a French physician, Dr Alexis Carel did an experiment where he grew chicken heart from fragments of embryonic tissues.. With this experiment, Dr Carel demonstrated for the first time that an aging organ can quickly regain streght by adding cell extracts to it from a similar younger and vigorous organ.
This was the first time a demonstration was done that showed an aging organ can quickly regain  strenght by adding cell extracts to it from a similar yoiunger and vigorous organ.

Then in 1947, an institute in Switzerland , called the BIOCell institute started the concept of Cell Renewal Therapies (CRT). CRT is primarily aimed at first nourishing then stimulating the cells' own mechanisms by reactivating their functions.

When taken , they provide the cells with nutrients and specific inducers through opotherapeutic embryonic tissues, phyto-organic tissues, enzymes, amino acids, powerful antioxidants and other non-chemical substance that stimulate cell revitalization and regeneration. Their prime objective ois to revitalize healthy and/or damaged organs by optimizing the function of the tissues.

CRTs does not produce immediate response like a drug, but help the body to modify itself. Reactions over time is dues to the body's biological response.
CRT has an effect in the mediumk to long term by stimulating the body's own mechanism of revitalization and healing. It's therapeutic action works as it becomes incorprated and accepted by the body as its o Because of this, it can never  injure the receipent organism. Instead it improves the recipient's quality of life and prevents or imnproves several types of degenerative diseases.
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CRT is also able to transfeorm those sick or aging organs into healthy organs with increased functional capacity.

Some specialists say teh the most important result of CRT is revitalization of the body's immunological defense mechanisms. When damage occurs to the cells that make up the different tissues and organs involved in the immube system,wether by aging or environmental poisoning,, the body becomes defenseless both to the external invasion and to internal degenration.So the damage caused to the immune system's organs can then be reversed by stimulating the body's defense mechanisms to boost the health of the debilitated organ.

This is medicine of the future. Which will be known as Medicine of the 3 Ps
PREVENTIVE : through cell renewal
PREDICTIVE : through each individual genetic
PERSONALIZED : through each individual's involvement to benefit their own health.

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