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Back in the 1930s, a group of workers in a leather tanning factory noticed something bizarre…

 They had completely lost all pigmentation from their arms and forearms.


The hair color on their arms wasn’t affected at all. But any dark patches on their skin were gone.

 Scientists soon realized what had happened.

 The tanners were wearing rubber gloves which contained a derivative of a compound called hydroquinone.


A star was born J

Hydroquinone occurs naturally in nature - mainly in mushrooms and beetles.

 But when applied to your skin it interrupts the production of melanin, which is the ‘ingredient’ which creates dark spots.

Within a few years, it became the golden standard ingredient used to help people suffering from hyper-pigmentation.

That’s the official name for those brown “age spots” on your face, neck and hands.

 Perhaps you have them too?

It’s one of the most frequent concerns our patients come to me with, because it can make your skin look patchy.

 And it can be very difficult to cover up with makeup. Even if you succeed, you might have to use very thick layers, and lots of patients don’t like feeling so ‘made up’.


Hyperpigmentation is also very aging. Patients of every age tell us that they’re just “too young” for pigmentation spots…

…Even though the truth is, people can get hyperpigmentation at any stage of their lives!


The main culprit is usually sun exposure. Hormonal fluctuations can also be a big factor.


Because hyperpigmentation is such a big concern, I use lots of very effective treatments to help fade the patches - everything from precsription creams to oral supplements to specialised laser treatments and  or skin boosting whitening programs.

 These are options I explore with patients based on the type of hyperpigmentation (melasma, freckles, PIH or growths) to be treated. (If those are options you’d like to explore, book a consultation with me today). 

I will look at the skin first, check it under a Wood's lamp to see the severity of the dyschromia under the skin and then I'll walk with the patient through the possibilities while answering all questions that are bound to arise.

Then a fully informed decision about how to go forward can be made.

But many time I like to "condition" the skin by treating the hyperpigmentaiton problems or ‘age spots’ at home first.

And many times I prefer to combine a treatment like using laser for Skin Whitening or PicoLASer for Hyperpigmentation with some home remedy skincare, to amplify your results. (Two approaches are often better than one!)

 If that’s the case, then I will look at skincare products with a high percentage of hydroquinone. More improtantly the hydroquinone is in stable form with good penetration  values.


And the good news is…

…We have a specialist line of skincare products called Obagi, which is specially designed to reduce pigmentation, sun spots and freckles!

It’s also really effective at getting rid of dullness and generally improving your complexion.


And while you can get products containing 2% hydroquinone over-the-counter, Obagi products are far more powerful than that.


They mostly include 4%, which is medical-grade, and requires a prescription from skincare experts like us.


Here are three products that would be perfect to start with…

1. Obagi C Therapy Night Cream.
Apply just a little bit of this cream each evening, to fix your hyperpigmentation while you sleep!

In addition to 4% hydroquinone, it includes 10% Vitamin C and some Vitamin E which also address hyperpigmentation, and help prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

Obagi C Clarifying Serum. Just like the night cream, this includes 4% hydroquinone and 10% Vitamin C, so it fights hyperpigmentation whilst leaving you with younger-looking skin.

3. The Nu-Derm skin transformation system. Ok, this isn’t a product… It’s a complete system.


It includes everything you need to reduce discoloration while taking care of your skin…

…From cleaners right through to toner, moisturizer, exfoliator, creams and SPF (which is obligatory when you’re using hydroquinone). 


What I love about this system is how easy it is…

Each bottle is numbered so you know the exact order in which to apply the products. The bottles even clearly show whether to apply them in the evenings, mornings, or both!

When you follow that simple regime, here are the kind of results you can expect:


This patient used the Nu-Derm system for 24 weeks.


There’s a reason why she’s smiling in the “after” picture…

…Her pigmentation has all but disappeared!


So if those are the kinds of results you’re looking for too, the first step is to book a skin consultation with me.

 Or you can simply phone our clinic on 1300-88-1788.

During your consultation, I’ll examine your skin and make sure you are a good candidate for Obagi’s prescription products.

And then we start!

HOpe you find this article useful. Send me a comment if you have other hyperpigmentation skincare tips

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