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FOTONA SKIN REJUVENATION - Not ready for Needles? Open up!

 Not ready for needles? Open up!

This the skin treatment Kim Kardashian swears by

Every few days, a patient walks into my treatment room.

She might be in her early 40s or 50s, and she looks nervous. She’s never had any medical aesthetic treatments before and isn’t sure what to expect.

Her skin has started  to sag a bit, especially around her jowls. 

 There are usually some fine lines around her eyes or mouth.


And 9 times out of ten, her skin looks dull… And she’s fed up with sunspots, large pores or acne scars. The conversation usually goes something like this...…

 “Is there anything you can do for me? I feel like there’s a lot to fix - and I really have idea what to treat first…”

 “I just have one caveat: Absolutely no needles! I’m just not ready for fillers or anti-wrinkle injections.”

 This patient thinks she’s a tough case. She’s ready to hear that she needs tons of work and that we have to use injectables. 

 It’s at this point in the conversation that I break into a big smile…

 Because I love telling patients about our secret weapon! 

We can fix all these issues in one go - lifting sagging skin, reducing lines and wrinkles, improving your skin texture…

And plumping up your face a little, so it looks healthier…

…All with one treatment, that doesn’t involve needles at all!

When we’re finished, you won’t “just” have eliminated a line here or there, or tightened some lax skin.

With this treatment, your entire face will look rejuvenated, because we tackle all the key aging issues at once.

 Our secret is the 4D Fotona Laser.

This laser is special, because its four different modes allow us to treat every layer of your skin - deep, superficial and on the surface - in one session. 

We can even treat the lines around your mouth from inside your mouth!

What’s more, the modalities work in different ways, stimulating your growth of collagen - which makes your skin thicker and firmer long-term…
Kick-starting your body’s natural healing mechanisms - which ‘fixes’ wrinkles and fine lines…

 And giving your skin a very light peel, leaving you with a fresh finish.

 This laser is like a general that attacks from all sides!

This laser doesn’t hurt.

It’s actually incredibly gentle, especially considering its power. Your treatment will feel nice and warm. Plenty of patients fall asleep.

 And you can go straight back to your day once we’re done. 

I know lots of people hear “laser” and think treatment is going to be very intense. But this one is easy!  

 You just sit back while we move the laser over your skin:

That doesn’t look too bad, does it?

I have to admit that isn’t one of our pictures. It’s a photo Kim Kardashian posted to her Instagram account a few months back, getting the Fotona 4D laser treatment……So you can see it’s not just for aesthetic “beginners”. 

 We recommend between 3-6 sessions for the best results, depending on your age and the condition of your skin.

And you’ll usually need a maintenance session once every 6 months or so, to keep your skin tight, firm and smooth. 

 For many people, it’s the only skin treatment they do for years, because it deals with so many issues at once!

 Ready to give it a go?

PS. In case you’re wondering what kind of results to expect with Fotona 4D Laser, take a look at these before-and-afters:


This lady has deep nasolabial (smile line) folds, sagging of lower facial skin. After 5x 4D laser smile lines are less deep, jawline more defined and skin tone more even.

Before : uneven skin tone with patchy hyperpigmentation, mild sagging of lower face, smile lines deepning. After : skin tone more even , reduced hyperpigmentaiton, reduced depth of smile lines and more defined jawline.\

See the difference after treatment? See how the skin looks more toned, appearance is fresher and ocverall Lifted look?........ It’s really dramatic!

And remember - it was done without needles… Without pain… And without downtime!


To find out more, or to book your own session, just email to or call our clinic at 0321482828 / 0123282830

We can’t wait to help you look your best!


Medical Aesthetic Legend & Expert with 20years experience

FB  DrSutinaNordin

IG drsutina_aesthetic_art




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