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The Secret to Beautiful Skin is just beneath the surface

 Take a look at these before-and-afters…


 No, that’s not a patient of mine J

It’s a painting of a girl from the late 18th century.

 Over the years, dirt accumulated on the surface of this beautiful portrait…

The colors faded and all the detail was lost.

 But they weren’t gone - they were just hidden.

 A few years ago British art expert Ben Everett lovingly restored this painting. He carefully cleaned it, using gentle chemicals to remove the varnish and dirt. (You can watch the video here; It’s mesmerizing!)

 Slowly, the bright blue colors revealed themselves. The pearls on her bonnet shone.


Her face looked bright for the first time in centuries!

 Now imagine we could do something similar for your skin…

 Take all the dark patches, age spots and freckles that have accumulated over the years, and gently brush them all away…

 Get rid of the dead skin and grime which makes your skin look dull (nothing personal - it happens to everyone!)…

 …And remove any blemishes on the surface, including acne scars and fine lines?

You’d suddenly be able to see all the beautiful, fresh, healthy skin hiding underneath.


Your skin would look brighter and more radiant than it has done in years!

 The good news is, that’s exactly what we do with a medical-grade peel.

SO this is what happens when I conduct a medical grade skin peel. A special solution is used to remove damaged and dry skin on the surface letting the healthy skin hiding underneath shine through.

Medical-grade peels come in different concentrations and mixtures. 

They come in different strengths, depending on the kinds of skin issues I want to address, and how much downtime my patient is comfortable with.

There's the simple AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) Peels made from fruits like grapes, sugar cane (Glycolic), Ascorbic(Oranges), and Milk (lactic). 

There are also the mixed peels like Jessner's Peel, High Potency Mix Peel and the ZO 3Step Peel system.

Then there's the TCA (Tri CholoroAcetic Acid) peels which penetrates deeper and comes in different concentrations depending on how deep I want it to go.

Medical-grade Skin Peels is conducted in a series of peels from weekly upto 6weekly. Usually a series of 4-6 sessions are required to get the best results. The downtime depends on the cencentration of the soltion used which is determined by how much work or penetration is desired. Typically the downtime lasts anywhere from 2 upto 7days for deeper peels like the ZO 3-Step Ultra Peel. 

Medical grade peels are also reasonable in terms of cost as compared to lasers and devices.

So, it’s the perfect treatment if you want to improve your complexion and get a beautiful glow.

And it’s particularly popular right now as people cannot travel to sunny beaches and most are staying at home for work.

Introducing… the ZO 3-Step Ultra Peel, a medical peel specially designed to get rid of ACNE MARKS, remove stubborn PIGMENTATION, give skin a SPARKLING COMPLEXION and much more EVEN SKIN TONE.

Take a look at these results:

Doesn’t her skin look so much better after treatment?
Her skin looks much clearer and brighter… 

                             And her acne and acne scars are dramatically diminished.

                                    The dark spots on her skin are pratically gone!

The best part is, the ZO 3-Step Ultra Peel takes just 20 minutes to apply in the clinic.

During the treatment, the skin is cleansed with a special cleanser and oil remover. Once cleaned, the peel solution is then applied layer by layer . After each layer a 2 min wait time is given before another layer is applied . Up to 4 layers may be applied. 

After the solution has been fully applied , a tingling sensation is felt. The peel solution is left on the skin for upto 6 hours to allow time for the peel solution to work. 

After washing, there is a special cream to be applied to enable the skin to heal and to maximise the effect of the peel.

And it’s not painful. There is just some mild stinging for a few minutes but it's very tolerable.

When you leave, the skin will look a little red and yellowish (from the peel solution)

And over the next few days, there will be some flaking of the skin while some may get actually peeling of the skin. At this point i strongly advice patients not to go out or be exposed to the sun. Wearing a physical sunscreen of SPF50 is a must.!

And then… you’ll suddenly notice how dramatically fresher and healthier your skin looks!

It will simply radiate health.

 Best of all? You can keep on going - we generally recommend a course of 1 medium strenght peel every 6months or 4 light peels over 16 weeks. Your skin will continue looking better and better with every peel. 

Medical grade peels has been around for a very long time. It took a hit when lasers came about and it's popularity declined. But over the years, it has made a comeback in popularity.

If you find this article interesting do let me know and share. If you would like to know if medical grade skin peeling can help you with your skin, email to me at

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