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This is the #1 skincare mistake - Neglecting the neck!



Have you ever been in conversation with a woman, and thought…

“That’s weird - her neck is a completely different color to her face!”

 It happens occasionally, when people apply foundation to their face…

 …But stop at their jawline.

 So while they’ve painted their face one color, their neck is still a different shade.

It’s completely possible you make a similar mistake…

 …Not with your makeup but with your skincare products.


I see it the whole time…

Patients are fanatic about applying creams, lotions and serums to their face…

But they stop at their jawline and completely ignore their neck and decolletage.

And when I say “I see it”, I mean that quite literally…

Because when you stop your skincare at your jawline, you end up looking like two different people above and below your chin!


Your face might still look relatively youthful and smooth…

…But your neck gives away your age - it’s wrinklier, more crepey and more saggy.

 So today I want to share with you the simplest of all skincare tips…

One that takes about 10 seconds a day to apply…
But which will make a HUGE difference to your anti-aging.

 When you apply your skincare products, make sure you’re including your neck and chest as well.


That’s it. That’s the advice J


There are good reasons why your neck needs this attention...

The skin in this area is around 1/3 thinner than the skin on your face (it’s more like the skin on your eyelids). It’s also very elastic so it can stretch and expand easily.

This makes it more prone to wrinkling.

 It also doesn’t make oil like the skin on your face.

 While the upside is that you won’t get breakouts on your neck, the downside is that this can leave your neck relatively dry and crepey.

 And finally, there’s our modern lifestyle…

 People look down at their mobile phone and other devices more than 1,500 times a week (!) on average…

This causes “text-neck” or “tech-neck”, stressing out your muscles and sometimes even causing creasing around your neck.

 The bottom line is that your neck is going to show signs of aging early. It’s one of our patients’ biggest frustrations…

So how do you take care of it?

At the very least, take the products you’re already using on your face and keep on going southwards.

Make sure that includes SPF, because the skin in your neck is very exposed to harmful sun rays, which speed up aging…

And if you'd like a special product for your neck , here's the one I recommend.

       ( available online at

==> a NEck Cream that improves the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin and lines in the neck. It firms the neck beautifully.

PS. Good skincare can help keep your neck in good shape.


But if the wrinkles or sagging are already significant, it will take more than that to reverse the damage…

I use Thermage Neck to treat the skin in this area safely and effectively.

See how this Thermage NEck treatment improved the neck skin in just 1 session.


We have several aesthetic treatments that lift, tighten and smooth your neck.

Email me if you'd like to discuss the options for your neck.

DrSutina Nordin

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IG drsutina_aesthetic_art

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