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Male Hormones: Out of Balance?

When male hormones are out-of-whack

A few nights ago, my neighbor Justin showed my husband and I his latest purchase: a beautiful sporty Lexus.

We “oohed” and “aahed” in equal measures as we circled the car.

“You’ll certainly turn heads in this,” I told him.

“Yeah,” he sighed. “It’s just that everyone thinks I’m having a midlife crisis...”

Although we all laughed, I could tell that Justin was a little upset at this.

And I can totally understand that. After all, when we think about the female ‘mid-life’, it conjures up images of menopause, hot flushes, night sweats and often a very difficult time.

Mention the male mid-life stage and you’re more likely to get funny comments about mid-life crises, leaving your family, Harley Davidsons and ponytails.

So let’s correct a few myths.

Many people don’t believe that the ‘male menopause’ really exists, but it’s a fact of life that in their 40s, most men will have a drop in their testosterone and DHEA hormone levels.

The result can be periods of low energy, anxiety, a lack of concentration and difficulty sleeping, not to mention that men might start losing muscle bulk and hair.

Definitely not funny….

(Nor is it funny if you’re a woman who’s living with a man going through this phase....)

The good news is that there’s plenty to be done about it.

I usually start by taking a profile of my patients’ hormones (both men and women), using the Aptomed Comprehensive Hormone Profile which is a blood test , saliva and urine test.. This allows us to diagnose any problems.

If we discover an imbalance, we restore it with bio-identical hormones, which are identical to the hormones your body makes.

We’ve had some terrific success stories...

Azmi is a typical case.

A while back, he was struggling to stay awake in the afternoon. His kids had even told him they expected him to be asleep on the weekends, which really upset him.

A hormone test showed that several of them has bottomed out - frankly it was a miracle he was functioning at all!

But once he started taking testosterone (we use bioidentical hormones which are identical to the hormones your body makes, but are extracted from plants in a lab), his energy levels were restored.

He began to see an enormous improvement in the results he saw from his workouts at the gym. He even felt more creative.

So if you, or someone close to you, would like to check hormone levels, the next step is to book a consultation with us.

We’ll take a full medical history, discuss any symptoms and answer your questions before you take the test.

Then, depending on the results, we can work with you to fix any problems.

Hormone imbalances – in men or women – aren’t funny. They’re serious. Let’s make sure that you (or your partner) are functioning at your optimum.


Dr Sutina Nordin









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