April 16, 2009

Our new Ultrasound lipolisis procedure is really doing well. Our friends are reporting a minimum of 2cm circumferential loss after just 1 treatment. I'm now going to check out another device called Novashape which claims to work even better. Really good for those who are sooo afraid of invasive lasers!


  1. Accent ULTRA in Macau - Alma's Annual meet in Macau from 29th Oct to 1st Nov was a success. 3 pioneer doctors for the Accent Ultra were asked to present their experience using the ultrasound lipolisis machine.Dr Shiu from Singapore, DrHarito from Japan, DrAmber Brown from Canada and myself from Malaysia.All Drs shared that there is an average of 2.5 to 4cm reduction for most of our patients undergoing the ultrasound treatment.

  2. Accusculpt - another lipolisis technique for fat melting and skin tightening. Was in Seoul, Korea from 22nd to 26th for training using this new laser. Really exciting results-I practically saw the facial skin lift immediately after ! With Acculift technique, the facial skin can tighten while excess fat melts. Of course we had great authentic Korean meals in between.


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