August 25, 2010

Arasys Inch Loss Treatment

Arasys - new technology to sculpt and shape the body - effortlessly. Loose inches within 60min! Latest addition to our family of treatments, Arasys is added to cater for those who need to loose weight 3x faster then regular exercise, shape the body eg:waistline, tighten skin and best of all detoxify the body, increase exercise hormones and metabolise fat faster then anything else out there. Results are amazing. Next month the Ion magnum will arrive and this can tackle those excess muffin tops and build your six packs!


  1. Update on Arasys Inch Loss Treatmnts ; Wow! it is unbelievable how much reduction some of our candidates have enjoyed... they are losing upto 5.5cm in 1 session and after just 1 week, one lost 3.6kg!We will be having the ARASYS INCH LOSS BIGGEST LOSER competition next week where the biggest loser at the end of 10 sessions will get a refund of what they paid for.

  2. I am now trying out the Arasys Inch Loss procedure to reduce Male Gynaecomastia or MENS BOOBS (MOOBS). SO far 1 patient have tried and although initially we did not see any difference, when he returned 1 week later, there was a definite reduction which he also noticed. Another 2 or 3 would probably get him back to normal. Our patient was about to go for surgical reduction end of this year but decided to try this technique first, and boy is he glad he did!

  3. please tell about the cost for each treatment in your clinic.


  4. hi,dr sutina..
    am interested in d arasys inch loss procedure/ion much wld it cost per session? wld u recommend d above procedure or d hcg diet programme? my email

  5. For costs and charges, please contact my clinic at 1300-88-1788. Best for you to come see me for better evaluation to see which is best treatment for you. Generally , HCG Diet is to loose overall weight, and Arasys inch loss is for shaping, inch loss and firming especially around the abdominal area.


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