August 1, 2010

Grow your eye lashes

New Straits Times (NST) paper reported on Wed 26th July of a "Miracle Eyelash Serum", after the current trend of wearing lash extensions has been found to leave many women with "balding" upper eyelid due to the repeated pulling off of the fake eyelashes. It seems that the glue that is used to fix the eyelashes can pull natural eyelashes out, and if repeated frequently, can stop hair from growing! The only way to treat this condition now is through hair transplant surgery. Fortunately, a serum that can boost the length and thickness of eyelashes by 50% with daily use is now available. Some of our patients are already applying such a serum and they claim their lashes have definitely grown thicker and longer, even the lower lid lashes!.
Hearing this I looked into some of the scientific data and found that the clinical trials conducted showed a 50% longer-looking lashes when used daily for eight weeks.

Our clinic now carries 'Lash Booster' or 'Rapid Lash' which is particularly good for women with sparse eyelashes or even eyebrows.
The active ingredient in the serum is prostaglandin, a compound which helps eyelashes to multiply and replenish. This ingredient was originally used for treatment of glaucoma and it was accidentally discovered that products used to treat the condition had the side effect of making lashes longer. A bottle actually lasts a long time (upto 2 years) so it's quite good value for money.

Lash Booster Malaysia
Rapid Lash Malaysia
Lash Serum

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  1. Totally useless product. It caused redness around my eyes and everyone thought that I was sick. AVOID!


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