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Coolsculpting is now faster

We now have acquired the Z8 head for our Coolsculpting mchine whihc covers a larger area of treatment. It's effect is 2.5 times of our present smaller Z6 head and 1 treatment cycle is also 1hrs. So you get to treat 2.5 timesmore in the same duration and best of all, at a much lesser cost! had lunch with the trainer last week, and I was told that massaging the area firmly in a twisitng, 'pinching" way helps to break up the crystallized fats faster - akin to dropping a bagful of ice cubes onto the floor rel hard-the ice shatters immediately to small pieces and thus will melt faster.


Anonymous said…
Hi dr sutina. I'm female, 23 years, bmi 20, healthy weight but with many fat deposits I want to get rid of. Would hcg diet, zeltiq coolsculpting or arasys ion magnum be the correct choice for me? There's so many choices on your blog and I'm confused.

DrSutina said…
Any of the 3 techniques ie HCG Diet, Coolsculpting and Arasys can reduce fat. The differnece is which type of fat you wish to rid off. The HCG+Diet program helps you to reduce overall weight to your desired or ideal healthy weight but if you are already in the ideal weight range but have "pockets" of stubborn fat you want to get rid off, then the Coolsculpting would be a better option. Arasys Inchloss is to reduce inches and works best for waist/tummy area, thighs or upper arms while zelqiq cannot treat the upper arms or thighs. Which treatment you choose should be individualised for you to suite your need, desire effect, duration of visits, tolerance for lifestyle changes, downtime and budget.
Dr Sutina said…
Had a zeltiq cool sculpting press launch last Wed 23rd March 2012
Dr Sutina said…
Our center has the new Z8 hand piece which is able to melt 21/2times more fat then the previous applicator. This reduces treatment cost as well as treatment time while increasing treatment result.
aqilah ali said…
Hoe much if I want do this treatment??
This treatment starts at RM2500 per area treated. Please contact our centre at 1300-88-1788 for more details on pricing or or appointments. You can also join our Facebook at www.facebook/enhanzeaesthetic for updates and offers.

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