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Grow hair in just 16 weeks!

A new simple but very effective device is now in town. The iGrow LLLT device for home use to help regrow and improve on the cellular condition of our scalp hair follicles. Wasn'r sure how effective it is and although there are many clinical papers and studies conducted to show its effectiveness, I only really believed it when patients started coming back and reporting amazingly good results!

In 1967, Professor Endre Mester of Semmelweis University observed that skin cells became healthier and actually grew hair in the right light. Apira Science continued the research, and the rest is hair history...

Studies then proved that hair responds best to red light in the 650 - 670 nm wavelength range.
Tests have shown that pulsing light can enhance the effectiveness of Low Level Laser Therapy.
Thus the result from decades of research : iGrow - the world's most advanced hands-free hair rejuvenation system.

From research to our home.
Today, low-level lasers and improved technology make a portable, affordable and practical solution possible—enter the iGrow.
Now you can support your hair rejuvenation efforts in the comfort of your home!

After just 16weeks of use, results are amazing. Hair feels stronger, firmer and texture is improved. And it is as easy as 1-2-3. You can wear the iGrow "helmet' while reading, watching TV or even while exercising! Also you can do so while relaxing and lisening to your MP3 (which can easily be connected to the device). Only takes 20mins per session 2 to 3 times a week. each device can run several thousand hours before it wears out which will take almost 20yrs of wear-which means it can even be shared among family members.
I recommend using Copper peptide products for shampoo and topical solution for home scalp care. A good brand is either RENOKIN or FOLTENE.
For purchase call the En-hanze MediSpa at 1300-88-1788 or 03-79601788.

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