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Kinerase range was "relaunch" in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on 30th Sept 2011 at the KL Hilton. 2 invited speakers gave their scientific findings as well as clinical experience in using the products. Its special ingredient is KINETIN which has been found to regerate new elastin and collagen fibres after just 4weeks of use.
At the moment Kinetin is only found in Cosmeceutical products but in future it might also be available in oral form for antiagting purposes.

It also has an effect almost similar to Argeriline which is able to relax the fine muscles and this is especially good for fine lines or wrinkles around the eye area. So for those who are not keen on Botolinium injections for their crows feet or those with fine lines in the lower eye lid, Kinerase Eyes will be a perfect treat. The product range now comes in several forms ranging from a basic cream or lotion containing 0.1% Kinetin, an eye cream and a peptide cream as well as combined with vitmin C for more antioxidant benefit. If you just want simple skincare that works, with lots of scientific evidence of its effectiveness and not just hype, this is the range for you. A must try for those wanting natural based antiwrinkle, firming Kskincare for temselves.


Anonymous said…
Hi, I have sensitive skin with melasma/ pigmentation issues. Can this range help me? I have tried many products over the years with wasted time and money hence am a bit skeptical. Hope to receive a response.
Dr.Sutina said…
Kinerase is definitely safe for sensitive skin and can be used for skin with pigmentation/melasma. Melasma is very difficukt to treat and if it is unstable it can be resistant to many types of treatment. You have to keep trying the different types of skincare available and hope for the best. Of course the better the range is , the higher the chance of getting effectiveness in the results. You may want to also think of using Obagi System which I find to be quite effective for melasma/hyperpigmentation.
Dr.Sutina said…
Kin erase is having a special promotion at En-hanze Clinic this Sat 26 th April. You can get a free Cleanser ( Normal size 200 ml) if you purchase the range. Price is very reasonable considering the quality of ingredient surpasses products like SKII. Also the are giving away a travel pouch with trAvel size items for purchases of RM200 and above. This promotion will be on till 31st May 2012 so if you are interested quickly email to or call 1300-88-1788 or go to the facebook page to request for your products or to book a set. You will not regret it , especially if you are 35 yrs and above as you can see your skin improve in just 2 weeks! But more importantly, the long term benefits is proven.
Anonymous said…
Where to buy this kinerase gentle daily cleanser.? is it available in any store or pharmacy?

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