October 9, 2011

6 pack tummy now possible

It's now possible to create that 6packs tummy that most men(and women) yearn to have! Through a technique originally created by a Brazilian plastic surgeon, the tummy six pack can now be created through power assisted liposuction. Been working on those muscles in the gym or at home? it's taking too long to form? Too much fat in the abdo wall? WEll, now all that excess fat concentrated in the abs area and hiding those muscles, can be lysed and extracted through a save technique called liposculpter. The probe vibrates in an oscillating fashion to break down the localised fats and a tubing attached to a suction pump extracts this broken down fat immediately. Once most of the fat has been extracted, the liposculpter technique is then conducted to "sculpt" the abdominal wall to enhance the abdominal muscles. Results are great! I'm excited about this new technique I've learnt and made availableat our centre.

Liposculpter at En-hanze Medical Centre

Sculpt your 6 packs in KL

Malaysia 6-pack sculpting


  1. hi, dr. tina

    firstly, thanx for the newsletter which reached my postbox. i was ur patient about 10yrs ago. i did microdermabrasion at ur place. now i'm having the same problem, uneven skin tone.

    pls advise.

    p/s: not sure if you still hv my file name under Haryanti Arshad.

  2. Of course we should have your file. Do contact the clinic at 0379601788 for farther treatments. We should be able to extract your file and details. If you had good results with the microdermabrasion then you should continue this treatment. Skin prone to acne need regular exfoliation to keep it unclogged. Visit our website at www.en-hanze.com for detailed explanation on Microdermabrasion.

  3. where is your clinic? and how much does this cost?

  4. Our clinic is at En-hanze Aesthetic Medical Centre at Suite 206, Block D, Phileo Damansara 1, off Jalan Damansara, Petaling Jaya. You can call the toll free no 1300-88-1788 for any information on price estimate or charges.


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