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Emelda's Ultherapy Journey

Emelda is an actress, an enterpreneur and an artist. She decided to have an Ultherpay session today after hearing about HIFU treatments and after her sister went for a HIFU session. Being particular about safety and effectiveness of treatment, she did some research and found that the original high intensity focused ultrasound technology was from Ulthera. The Ulthera machine has many safety features installed to ensure that no unneccessary tissues are damaged. It also has a US screen that shows exactly where the Ulthera shots are being given as well the depth of penetration.

Emelda was quite nervous to start of the "pain" that she imagined. It did not help that I exagerated a little on the discomfort she would feel. Nevertheless we made her as comfortable as possible by applying topical numbing cream for 40min and gave her some painkillers just in case.

I started as usual by using the 4.5mm transducer which penetrates the skin upto the muscle layer. This part is the most uncomfortable part. Almost 300 lines were transmitted on her mid to lower face upto her jawline. Another 300 lines were also transmitted to her chin area to reduce her double chin and along her jawline to give her a better definition . After this, the 3.0mm trasnducer was used. This transmits US waves more superficially reaching upto deep dermis layer. The microscopic thermal injuries will create inflammation and stimulate neocollagenesis.

Ultherapy is ideal for adults after the age of 28yrs and those in their 30s , 40s and 50s.
It is especially good forthose just beginning to see early signs of sagging and skin laxity but do not want any invasive or surgical remedies.
There is no downtime whatso ever  and Emelda went directly to her office and to work after her session.

As results are gradual, she will not look "done up" immediately after and begin to look fresher and more youthful after 2 weeks, making it difficult for people to detect if she had done anything drastic.

I love this treatment. I have been conducting it for many years now and have tried many different protocols to suit the different types of client personlaities , age group , skin types and degree of aging.

For more info or for a consult re this, call our toll free line 1300-88-1788 or email to me


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