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REVITALISE                   REGENERATE                    RENEW
all organs and body systems.

What is Cellular Renovation Therapies or C.R.T. ?

It is a treatment to revitalise, regenerate and renew our cells.
Over time our cells lose the ability to function in the way that they were intended. This cellular function loss, primarily from its energy capacity, results in reduced protein production capacity and deterioration of DNA translation and replication. The protein production capacity results in muscle and bone mass losses, reduction in hormone production, general cognitive and mental ability loss and immune system capability efficiency loss.The DNA translation & replication may cause mutations that may lead to catastrophic (cancer) and degenerative diseases.

C.R.T. has a medium and long term effect by stimulating the regeneration and healing mechanisms that the body has.

How does Cellular Renovation Therapy act ?
The CRT can trasnform those sick and aging organs into healthy organs with great functional capacity. It's beneficial effect is seen after several weeks as it passes slowly from cells to tissue, from tissue to organ , and from organ to system.
Some experts say that the most important results from C.R.T. is the immunological defense mechanism and revitalization of the body. The damage to the immune system can be reversed by stimulating the body's defense mechanisms to boost the weakened body's health.

The cell renewal process occurs in a continous manner and its efficiency depends on the physiological state or physiological age of the person. In other words his degree of impairment. The sequence of the renewal process occur in 3 phases.

In this phase the CRT will work almost immediately to start increasing the cellular energy production. This allows cellsto develop a cell cleaning process to get rid of useless biological material, which have accumulated in the cytoplasm as a result of poor cell function over time. The cells now are freed of biological waste burden and thus will have increased energy production to undergo a major revitalization.

Once the cells recover progressively and energy production improves, a cellular function normalization process starts. At this stage the trasncription of DNA into RNA is also reinforced.The cells now improve its protection mechanuisms against mutations.

Once the cellular functions are normalized, this leads to increase protein production, which then results in increased muscle mass, increased collagen in skin, joint and connective tissue, improvemenmt of liver, kidneys, lungs and heart functions, as well as cognitive functio, memory, concentration etc. it also resutls in stimulation of the immune system.
Another important aspect of C.R.T. is also it induces and stimulates the pituitary gland to release greater proportion of human growth hormone (whose production decliens significantly with age)
This acts directly on all the tissues of the body, causing activation of a younger metabolism, increased mobilization of fatty acids from adipose tissue, and preferential use of fatty acids aas an energy source instead of glucose.

This phase usually begins in the 3rd or 4th week and reaches its peak within 6months.

INDICATIONS for Cellular Renovations Therapies :
1. Strenghtening the immune system
2. Helping in Degenerative Diseases of the immune system
3. Premature Aging
4. Decreased mental and physical faculties, fatigue, physical fatigue.
5. Preventi9on of Degenrative diseases
6. Increased overall energy
7. Revitalizes body functions
8. Increase resistance to stress
9. Improves performance and organ function that weakens with age
10. Improves physical performance significantly
11. Improves blood pressure
12. Retrieves concentration and memory
13. Improves quality ofm sleep
14. Prevents osteoporosis
15. Stimulates and controls the libido in men and women
16. Streghtens the venous system, accelerates healing of wounds
17.Stimulates the endogenous production of growth hormone that maintains musckle mass
18. Prevents senescence keeping the patient as adult.

TO know more you can email me at or call 03-79601788 or WA to 012-3453779


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