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As a doctor, I love science…

And today I want to do an experiment with you!

 All you have to do is go to a mirror, or open up Zoom or the camera on your phone.

Take a long, hard look at your face.

 Then smile as broadly as you can.

Do lines suddenly appear around your eyes or forehead?

How about some vertical lines around your mouth?

Now stop smiling.


Have all those lines suddenly disappeared?

 If so, you have a particular kind of wrinkle.

 They’re called ‘dynamic lines’, because they appear when your face moves - and disappear again when your face relaxes.


What really happens is that when you smile, frown or squint your muscles contract. This pushes your skin together, making small folds.

 You start seeing these kinds of lines in your 30s, often around your eyes, forehead and lips.


They’re completely different to the other type of wrinkles….

“Static lines” sadly stay put on your face, no matter what your expression.

 They might appear at the corners of your mouth, your neck or cheeks.

 You’ll start seeing them later - perhaps as you enter your 40s - because they’re mostly the result of aging.

They appear when your skin loses a lot of collagen and elastin, which kept it smooth and elastic when you were younger.

 You can make the problem worse with exposure to the sun.

And - just to complicate things - over time, some of your dynamic lines might become static, too…

It’s like a paper that you fold over again and again in the same spot. Over time, the crease will deepen and eventually they’ll turn permanent.


So why am I telling you all this?

Because I constantly get asked :

“How do I pick the right treatment for wrinkles, when I have several options to choose from?”

My answer :

1. Not all lines are created equal.

2. Dynamic and static lines occur for different reasons 

3. Different areas need to be treated differently

So what are the treatments available ?

1. I might need to temporarily relax the muscle that’s contracting and causing your dynamic lines.

In this case I will use neuromodulators like Botolinium Toxin A (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) injections that relaxes the underlying muscles from contraction and therefore causes no folding and unfolding of the skin over it.

2. For static lines, fillers are better to "fill" them in and give the skin more support under the surface, restoring some of the structure it had when you were younger.

 But what about the fine lines, static and areas where difficult to inject or you do not want any injections?

We use Monopolar radiofrequency, Micro-focused Ultrasound, lasers and other methods to build up the collagen and elastin, and make the skin firmer.

 Or we can use lasers or other methods to resurface your skin and reduce the appearance of the wrinkles that way.

Picking the right path takes a good understanding of anatomy - so I  need to judge how the face ihas changed with age.

 So things to take into consideration are :

1. Severity of the wrinkles

2. General condition of the skin,

3. How aggressive do one wants to be,

4. Whether or not no needles is preferred, 

5. Other treatments that may be having and going on,

6. Other issues that each individual may have....

So non-surgical treatment of  wrinkles or fine lines, an experienced Aesthetic Dr  who can do a thorough evaluation of the skin is paramount. 

A personalized plan which is just right for the individual  - and the particular type of wrinkles is crucial for best outcomes and results.

As always, in everything we do, think safety first, results a must!

Discovering Beauty with Science with DrSutina




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