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Supermodel Cindy Crawford is one of the most beautiful women in the world…

But that’s not opinion…

It’s science!

Take a look at her face:

The reason she’s considered so beautiful has nothing to do with her stunning cheekbones, her glossy hair or anything like that…

It’s the proportions of her face.

You see, the ancient Greeks were the first to discover that people naturally find the ratio of 1.618 attractive. They called this the “Golden ratio”.

So the faces we consider most beautiful are about 1.6 times longer than they are wide.

The lips we find most attractive? Well, the lower lip is exactly 1.6 times the height of the upper lip.

And we can map that same ratio all over your face…

…Setting out exactly where your eyes, cheekbones, chin and nose should be, for the most aesthetically pleasing look.

No one – not even the very gorgeous Cindy Crawford – has every feature in exactly the right place.

But she comes pretty close. (Other famous people with near-perfect Golden Ratios include Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce - and George Clooney!).

Now, the bad news is that even with the best will in the world, we can’t turn people into Cindy Crawford. 

But what we can do is give your face a more “classic” shape…

Remodelling it, so it gets closer to the “Golden ratio”…

…And making it (even more) pleasing to the eye.


So, for example, if your face is very long and thin, we might make your cheekbones look a bit wider.

If your chin looks too small compared to the rest of your face, we can make it just the right size.

Or if, like many people, you have asymmetrical features, we’ll make them more balanced and even.

Patients love this approach, because it’s so holistic.

Instead of treating a line here or a line there, or tweaking one feature at a time…

...We look at your entire face, to make all your features sit in exactly the right place and fit together just right.

Not only will you look more attractive - but you’ll look more youthful, too.

You see, as we grow older, our face naturally deviates from the Golden Ratio.

Even if your features were completely symmetrical when you were younger, once you hit your 40s your skin starts to sag and you lose volume in your face…

Plus, some of your measurements change – for example your nose and mouth may get wider.

Everything starts moving around, changing the shape of your face…

So by giving your face more ideal proportions, we’re also restoring a younger look.

We can do this without any surgery. Depending on what we’re doing, we can use a combination of injectable treatments, theads (anchoring and nn anchoring) to lift r scaffold the tisues, fillers or fat grafting and other aesthetic methods. 

And it often only takes one or two visits to the clinic.

During a clinic visit, I’ll look at the features, and  then discuss the kinds of results we can help you achieve.

The effect is always natural and subtle – not heavy-handed at all – because the Golden Ratio is all about what people find naturally attractive.

The best part is you’ll still be very recognizably you. This isn’t about making you look like someone new.

You’ll just look like the very best version of yourself…

The version where your features are closer to the Golden Ratio… 
…Giving you a more classically beautiful, youthful face. 

dr Sutina Nordin

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