June 3, 2012

From Belly Fat to Belly Flat

Lately I have been seeing quite a no of men above 40 and women above 30 complaining of unwanted weight around their waist and belly. Those extra pounds have crept up around the middle despite dieting, limiting carbs or doing crunches, is really due to a shift in hormone production. In fact, belly fat is commonly the outward sign of a specific type of hormone imbalance known as "EsTROGEN DOMINANCE". Do you realise how much bad estrogen there is in our environmnt? Better known as Xenoestrogens, these estrogens is now creating havoc in our whole hormonal systems that our forefathers never had to worry about! Pollution, stress with time, lack of sleep, processed foods, plastics, hormone injected meat, and too much coffee are just a few of the producers of toxins that causes estrogen dominance. As a result women are suffering more from PMS, bloatedness, breast cysts, uterine fibroids, water retention and excessive weight gains. Men are putting on weight in the waist line, have growing breasts and suffer from reduced libido and erectile dysfuntions at a younger age. I found the HCG +Diet program helps reset the body and rebalance a little of the hormonal imbalance. The excess tummy fat and breast fat (esp in men) also helps to reduce the bad eostrogen content in the body as these ostrogens are mainly concentrated in the tummy fat area. But to get more balancing done, a full hormonal profile should be done and further more direct balancing should be conducted. Once the excess weight has been shed, treatments like laserlipolisis with Smartlipo or Accusculpt , Coolsculpting with Zeltiq, or Ultrasound Lipolisis with Accent Ultra to break the localised stubborn fat can then be done tototally sculpt the body and achieve a welldefined silhoutte. Finally for longterm maintanence, Endermologie is conducted regularly (4-6weekly) to maintain the silhoutte and to prevent future deposition of abnormal fat in unwanted places.

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