July 11, 2018

An Airsculpting journey

Past week has been very busy for me conducting Airsculpting procedures. After the Raya festiviteis many has been trying to shed their extra pounds by melting their fat usng the airsculpting technique.

Juanna , had planned for the procedure since early this year but so fearful was she of the pain, she ppostponed it many times. After reassurane from me and explaining as well as clearing up her fears, she finally decided to proceed with her Airsculpting for her tummy pooch last week.

It turned out to be a fun session for both of us.

Juanna arrived on time and after going through again the areas that she wanted to have treated, we prepared her.
Once she was comfortable on the treatment table (fully awake and alert) , some meds for relaxing was given to her. Also an antibiotic injection as preventive measure.

The area was then cleansed with povidone, a liquid that is commonly used as an antiseptic on the skin to "sterilise" the skin surface against any potential microbials.

I then continued to drape the area with clean and sterile clothes in order to keep the area clean.
The little knocks were made on the skin at the entry sites. These knicks were used as entry site for the canula to deliver local anesthetic fluis which helps to numb the tissues as well as soften the fatty tissue. Once the local anesthetic was completely given, we left Juana to rest for 40min in order to allow time for the anesthetic to work.

I then started by applying the airsculpt device which create twirling and swirling air to break the fat membrane and melt the fat to oil or soft buttery texture. At the same time the melted fat (Lysate) is vacuumed or sucked back out thorugh a low pressure vacuum. It is nice and yellow fat from here.

Juanna was comforatble and she even managed a video of the the procedure as well as take pictures wiht me!

When we finished more then 1 Litre of melted fat (equivalent to 1.5-2litres of solid fat) was out and her tummy was immediately flatter!
Recovery was fast too as we also perfomr radiofrequency for drainage and skin tightening immediately after and within 3 days of the Airsculpting procedure.

In 1 week, Juanna is up and about to attend more open houses. And as she said here, she could finally get into this jumpsuit which had been lying in her cupboard for the longest time.
Congratulations Juanna . We achieved what you wanted.

For those inter4ested in this procedure, you can see me at either of my clinics in PJ Enhanze Clinic 1300-88-1788 or WA 012-3453779 or in KL at Pavillion Mall KL Luminous Clinic 03-21482828 or WA 012-3282830.
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