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My Smartlipo Story

Susan, a patient of mine opted for Smartlipo to rid of her stubborn fats. She later gave a recount of her journey in an interview by CS&B Magazine. This is her story.

"I am a legal eagle that has managed to loose weight and kept it off through a sensible diet and fairly regular exercise. However despite my best efforts, the bulge around my thighs refused to budge and clothes did not fit well.Liposuction was not an option that I wanted to consider.. I hear of DrSutina through a friend and decided to pay her a visit to see if she could help me with my problem. Dr S then told me about SmartLipo. She gave me a thourough expalnation on the procedure and answered all my queries particularly the side effects and pain involved. I was particularly appreciative as she did not confuse me medical jargon but put her points across in layman's terms so that I understood her explanation.

As it was affordable, I decided to undergo the procedure.
Prior to the procedure, DrSutinagave me a list of pre and post procedure precautions to ensure that everythinggoes smoothly. During the procedure , I felt minimal pain with slight stinging sensation as the needle went through my fat deposits. AS the laser melted my fat,it felt quite ticklish and occasionally, there was slight pain, which I expected from such a procedure.

After it was competed, a few spots in my thighs felt uncomfortbale and as the numbness from the anesthetic wore off there was a little pain. However , DrSuitna was extremely helpful in advising on what to do or not to do and answered my queries wihtout delay.I had to be careful to stay off my regular massages immediately after the pocedure but other then that, life went on as usual.
I must say that I am very pleased with the results. My thighs arefinally reduced., the skin texture is better, my trousers are looser around the thigh areas and after three months, my thighs are still gradually shrinking.

I would recommend this procedure to others who are at their wits end like me and I would do it all over again. However , I must say this is not a shortcutand nothing beats eating sensibly and gettingregular exercise and I believe the results are better when you combine them after te procedure. After all, the exercise will help the fat melt faster."

Some might say that Smartlipo is a little on the expensive side, but I firmly believe that paying for the technology is well worth it. You are actually paying for a procedure with lesser risks and complications, as well as the convenience and minimal downtime.
With SmartLipo , one can resume normal activities immediately - one can even travel!
I would recommend SmartLipo for anyone.
There are no long term problems associated with Smartlipo and the results are very satisfactory.

For those interested in Smartlipo, you can contact me through any of my clinics by calling Enhanze Clinic at 1300-88-1788 or WA to 012-3453779 or KL clinic at Luminous Clinic in Pavillion Mall KL at 03-21482828 or WA 012-3282840.
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