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SmartLipo - It's Powerful Advantages

SmartLipo vs "Stupid Lipo"

When we first started offering the Smartlipo laserlipolisis treatment at our clinic there were many enquiries and interested clients enquiring about this minimally invasive liposuction. This was because apart from liposuction proceudre, there really was nothing else availble that could treat those stubborn fats on the body which just doesn't go away despite exercise and working out. Malaysiasns were also becoming more concious about their looks and health and wanting to look presentable and well groomed was becoming a treand and the norm in society. Basically everyone wants to look good in KL!
So I had many patient asked about the difference between SmartLipo laserlipolisis and traditional or conventional liposuction (i called this the "Stupid Lipo"). After explaining to them the difference, I realised I spent most of the time pinpointing the awesome advantages that the SmartLIpo has over any other liposuction or weight loss system! As a result, I thought to myself why not share these ideas for this week’s blog especially since I want my patients to learn about all the cosmetic technology out there, especially about Smart Lipo,  a system that revolutinized liposuction and has set the standard in minimally-invasive weight loss.

Smart Lipo - What does it do?
The SmartLipo laserlipolisis destroys fat deposits in specific areas of the body using a special laser system to break down the membranes of the fat cells in a most natural manner. This is a minimally invasive treatment that facilitates body modelling and resultsgive rise to harmoniuos body shape in a short time, without secondary side effects of conventional liposuction or more aggressive procedures.
It only requires local anesthesia therefore patients are comfortable and awake throughout the procedure.
This is the most advanced and poewerful minimally-invasive weight-loss system on the market today. This is true from a safety perspective as it enables a cosmetic clinic and its operating doctors & health professionals to use a thin laser fibreoptic to melt the fat in situ to almost oily substance. This laser specifically aims to target fatty cells and melts them easier than in any other laser wavelength.The laser also is able to coagulate blood vessels minimising areas of bruising and tightening already loose skin.
In addition to safety and power, the Smart Lipo system is also extremely powerful. This  tremendous energy is then converted by the Smart Lipo into heat, which zaps right through your fat like a hot knife through ice cream, all the while maintaining a ‘tightening’ effect on your skin to eliminate any chances of loose or dangling skin after your far is removed.
Smart Lipo - Safety first
Smartlipo has strong safety features, two of which are incredibly unique and completely new on the market. Firstly, the Smartlipo system comes with a laser ‘wand’ that melts the fat and heats throughout the target area but this wand has a special sensor right inside the device.If the laser wand is not moving, then the laser will not fire. This is extremely useful as it eliminates the chance of 'accidents' happening, and it also helps to create a much more smoothing contoured look to your body.
 Secondly,  the wand also has a thermometer built right into the tip of the device. While the device heats up your skin, we obviously don’t want the machine wand to get overheated and burn your skin! Therefore, Smart Lipo staff has the system set to automatically shut down the firing of lasers when the temperature of the wand sensor exceeds 46 degrees Celsius. This 46 degree Celsius number was chosen since it’s the ‘magic temperature’ for heating the dermis (the outer layer of your skin). No other laser lipo machine has such safety advantages.

Which parts of the body can the procedure be performed?
Laserlipolisis is suitable for medium to slightly large sized individuals seeking better body contour. It can also be performed on smaller areas like the forearms, upper part of abdomen, thighs, face and knees. Recovery is very quick. patient can return home to their niormal activities ALMOST IMMEDIATELY after.

A laserlipolisis treatment on average takes approximately one hour depending on the size of the treated area. Patients can undergo this treatment inoctor's clinic and even returnto work after a lunchtime procedure.

Why would one want to have the treatment done ?

  • Treatment is relatively quick relatively to conventional  liposuction.
  • Reduced invasiveness. No unsightly scars.
  • Reduced trauma through therapeutic effects of laser.
  • It is comfortable, almost pain free.
  • Reduced recovery time, can be performed during lunchtime.
  • Possible to treat area unsuitable for traditional liposuction like the forearms, thighs , upper abdomen, inner thighs, face and knees.
  • Safe as no GA required. Patient is totally awake.
  • Improved skin appearance after treatment as  Skin tightening also occur from the laser. Laser promotes skin refraction and shrinkage.
  • Minimal downtime as possible to return to routine almost immediately. Less blood loss with simultaneous coagualtion of blood vesseld by the alser.

You can contact me (DrSutina) at Enhanze Clinic (1300-88-1788 or WA 0123453779) or Luminous Clinic (03-21482828 or WA 0123282840) for any info or for an appointment to consult.
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